Matt Gaetz, did he advocate for the use of the “Second Amendment” against Silicon Valley?


Matt Gaetz, did he advocate for the use of the “Second Amendment” against Silicon Valley?

During a lecture against cancel culture, Congressman Matt Gaetz was chastised after a deceptive video on social media appeared to show him encouraging “America First” supporters to utilize the Second Amendment against Silicon Valley employees.

The Florida Republican told a “America First” rally in Dalton, Georgia, that Big Tech companies were “the internet’s hall monitors,” and that they were attempting to “suppress” conservatives, while urging the movement to use the First Amendment to speak and gather.

Later in his address, he made a distinct point regarding the Second Amendment, and a Twitter user manipulated the speech to make it appear as though Gaetz was encouraging people to shoot Silicon Valley employees. The video quickly went viral.

In fact, the Republican lawmaker stated: “Let us make advantage of the Constitution to bolster our case and movement. We have the freedom to speak and gather under the First Amendment, and we should exercise it.

“The hall monitors of the internet in Silicon Valley believe they can control and discourage us. Maybe you’ll be able to engage in the digital world if you’re just a bit less patriotic, if you just adapt to their way of thinking a bit more?

“Well, what do you think? This cause, this demonstration, and this congressman cannot be canceled by Silicon Valley.”

He then went on to say: “In this country, we have a Second Amendment, and I believe we have an obligation to use it. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, entertainment, or sports, as all of the fake news media would have you believe.

“The Second Amendment is about preserving the ability of citizens to wage armed rebellion against the government if it becomes necessary.

“I hope that never happens, but it is critical to acknowledge and understand the nation’s foundational principles.”

A number of verified Twitter users reposted a skewed video of Gaetz’s address, implying that he was urging his supporters to arm themselves against Silicon Valley employees.

Gaetz’s mention to the First Amendment was edited out of the video, making it apparent that he is not encouraging supporters to shoot Silicon Valley employees, but rather to just exercise their rights. This is a condensed version of the information.


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