Mary Trump calls the election of the president a challenge for “coup attempts” after Biden’s victory.


President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, called her uncle’s reaction to his loss of votes an “attempted coup” because his campaign in Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit arguing that the state had an “unconstitutional” electoral system.

The author of the treacherous Trump family memoir, Too Much and Never Enough, also said President-elect Joe Biden won the election “legitimately and decisively” when she railed against “lies and craziness” from her uncle’s camp.

The Quote

“President-elect Joe Biden won legitimately and decisively. No matter how much Donald and his enablers lie and spin, that will not change. But they will break as much as they can on the way out. Stay alert – this is an attempted coup.”

Why it matters

President Trump’s team has filed a series of complaints complaining about the state electoral systems, the denial of “meaningful access” of Republican election observers to the counting zones, and the counting of ballots days after the election since November 3.

The Commander-in-Chief’s re-election campaign issued the latest complaint of this kind in Pennsylvania on Monday, arguing that the state had introduced an “illegal ‘two-tier’ electoral system” prior to the 2020 vote.

“We believe that this two-tier voting system has resulted in potentially fraudulent votes being counted without proper verification or oversight, and that many voters have lost the right to vote simply because they cast their vote in person,” said Matt Morgan, general counsel of the Trump 2020 campaign, in a statement yesterday.

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the President and former mayor of New York City, also told reporters at a press conference on Saturday that the campaign will file lawsuits in other key states for making unsubstantiated claims about “illegal” votes.

That same day, officials of the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona, claiming that votes in the decisive Maricopa County were “falsely rejected” due to a technical error in the voting machines.


While his niece has called his post-election complaints an “attempted coup,” President Trump has every right to challenge alleged irregularities or alleged violations of voting rights in court.

The Trump campaign has also repeatedly formulated its complaints as struggles for the “transparency and integrity” of the electoral process and for ensuring public trust in “free and fair” votes.

“Starting Monday, our campaign will begin pursuing our case in court to ensure that the electoral laws are fully respected and that the rightful winner is seated,” Trump said in a statement on Saturday. “The American people have a right to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots and not counting illegal ballots.


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