Maria Bartiromo collects over 700K Followers on Parler after she left Twitter because of censorship allegations.


Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo gathered more than 700,000 followers on the conservative social media platform Parler after she said last week that she would soon leave Twitter.

In her original announcement that she wanted to join Parler, Bartiromo encouraged her Twitter followers to register for their own accounts so they could continue to follow her posts. Bartiromo continued to post on Twitter in the days that followed, but she added her Parler handle to several of these posts to remind followers where else they could find her.

By Monday afternoon, Bartiromo’s Parler account showed that she had accumulated an estimated 727,000 followers so far.

Moderator Mornings With Maria’s decision to leave Twitter came after the platform flagged some of the content she posted after Election Day with a message that read: “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and could be misleading with respect to an election or other civil process. These highlighted posts contained allegations that the Democrats were trying to “steal the election” from President Donald Trump.

After days of counting ballots across the country, the Associated Press and several major networks called the race for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, on Saturday. Trump has not yet given up, however, and he and many of his supporters have claimed without evidence that electoral fraud contributed to Biden’s victory.

In addition to labeling Bartiromos tweets as potentially misleading, Twitter has done the same for several contributions by Trump, his family members and officials within his administration. Many of the tweets thus labeled suggest that election fraud has occurred or that Democrats have either “stolen” the election or manipulated the results in some way to keep Trump from a second term in office.

Shortly before announcing her move to Parler, Bartiromo showed a video on Twitter in which Parler’s CEO reacted to the news that Bartiromo’s tweets had been flagged. “Parler CEO: Transparency during the election ‘really important'”, said Bartiromo in the tweet that accompanied the video.

Over the past few days, Bartiromo’s Parler posts have attracted hundreds of thousands of views on the platform and thousands of comments. Many of her posts on the platform were also posted on Twitter, although her Parler posts included a link to an article highlighting Twitter’s decision to temporarily censor a tweet by Republican Senator Rand Paul, as well as a question to her supporters about the role of the media in elections.

Parler was launched more than two years ago and gained ground with the Conservatives earlier this year when Twitter and other social media platforms began to more actively highlight content that they considered either factually questionable or contrary to their corporate policies. Although this is not a purely political platform, several conservative legislators have their own reports on which they often publish articles.

Washington Newsday asked Parler to comment, but did not receive a timely response for publication.


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