Making the vaccinated wear masks, according to Ron DeSantis, sends the message that vaccines don’t work.


Making the vaccinated wear masks, according to Ron DeSantis, sends the message that vaccines don’t work.

Governor Ron DeSantis believes that reinstituting mask mandates regardless of immunization status will deter people who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine.

States dropped measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, including as the requirement that everyone wear masks in public settings, as vaccination rates increased. With the increased number of Delta variant cases, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have reintroduced the advice that even vaccinated people wear a mask indoors, and governors have warned that if cases continue to climb, the compulsion will be reinstalled.

“I get a little annoyed by jurisdictions that say you have to wear a mask even if you’re healthy and vaccinated because we’re seeing more cases,” DeSantis remarked on Wednesday. “Understand what that message is saying to folks who haven’t been vaccinated: it’s teaching them that vaccines aren’t effective. That is, in my opinion, the worst message you can send to people right now.”

Approximately 66 percent of Floridians have had COVID-19 vaccinations, somewhat less than the national average of 68 percent. Although vaccines have been shown to be effective against the Delta variety, the great majority of new cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities have occurred in persons who have not been vaccinated across the country.

Given the evidence that vaccinated people will be mostly protected against a new surge of diseases, DeSantis said it was “critical” to spread the message to unvaccinated people.

According to polls, over a third of people do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and experts have cautioned that not getting vaccinated could allow the virus to spread and mutations to arise that are resistant to the vaccine. It also jeopardizes America’s chances of achieving herd immunity, which means that those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons will not be protected from COVID-19.

DeSantis, who has been immunized, noted that various people had different reasons for refusing vaccinations. However, he did not believe that the government’s “hectoring” of them would be an effective method of persuading people to get vaccinated.

“I believe they are people who are suspicious of authorities,” DeSantis explained. “I don’t think most of them think COVID is a hoax…but I think it’s necessary to be honest about the hazards of COVID if you’re trying to reach out to some of these people.”

A poll conducted by Yahoo and YouGov was released. This is a condensed version of the information.


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