Madison Cawthorn’s Anti-Mask Bail Fund Appears to Support His Own Campaign


Madison Cawthorn’s Anti-Mask Bail Fund Appears to Support His Own Campaign

Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina has set up an online bail fund for Republicans imprisoned inside the Capitol for not wearing a mask. Rather than a separate account, the fund appears to direct money to his personal campaign.

“If Kamala Harris can pay the jail for violent Antifa rioters, I can pay the bail for any Republican employee arrested for not wearing a mask,” she said. In a tweet sent out Thursday afternoon, Hawthorn said, “Join me.”

His statement was in response to a Republican charge that Vice President Kamala Harris gave money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a nonprofit that has bailed out violent racial justice and anti-fascist (Antifa) protesters. On June 1, 2020, Harris tweeted a link to the MFF’s donation page, but she never donated to the organization, according to fact-checking website

Cawthorn included a link to WinRed, a fundraising tool sponsored by the Republican National Committee, in his tweet. “Donate below to help bail out Republican Hill staffers!” reads the text on the fundraiser page. “Your contribution will support Cawthorn for NC,” states the wording beneath the donation buttons.

The congressman’s personal campaign fund is called Cawthorn for NC. “Your gift will support Cawthorn for NC,” reads a separate WinRed page for donating directly to his campaign.

Cawthorn’s office was approached for comment, but no response was received in time for publication.

The mandatory mask mandate was reinstated in all House venues on Tuesday, including offices, meeting rooms, and the main House chamber, by the Office of Attending Physician, Brian P. Monahan.

The chief of the Capitol Police, Thomas Manger, announced last week that legislative staff and guests who do not wear masks will be denied access to House chambers. They could be arrested for unauthorized entrance if they don’t put on a mask or leave the premises, he added.

So yet, no one associated with congressional Republicans has been detained. It’s also unclear whether the Capitol Police expects any more arrests like this in the future. The Capitol Police were approached for comment by this publication.

The Hill said that any lawmakers who refuse to wear a mask will have their cases sent to the House Sergeant at Arms, the chamber’s top law enforcement official. They could also face a punishment of $500 for a first violation. This is a condensed version of the information.


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