Lyndsey Graham Begs Trump Legal Team “proves” their claims as lawsuits fail in court


Speaking in an interview Wednesday night, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said President Donald Trump’s legal team representing Trump’s re-election campaign must prove his allegations of widespread voter fraud in court, not in public videos.

” To Trump’s legal team: You are making all these allegations. They have to prove it,” Graham told Fox News interviewer Martha MacCallum.

“Making a video is not proof,” Graham continued. “You have to take these allegations to court and file an appeal.”

Graham’s remark about “making a video” is a possible reference to several press conferences Trump’s legal team recently held or to the 46-minute video Trump released on Wednesday in which Trump repeated the allegations of election fraud for which the legal team has yet to present evidence.

On Wednesday, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s legal counsel Jenna Ellis urged Republican legislators in Michigan to overturn the state’s confirmed election results in Trump’s favor. The trial demonstrates the change in strategy of the legal team.

In the weeks following the election, Trump’s legal team filed lawsuits alleging widespread fraud in the key swing states won by President-elect Joe Biden. However, 39 of 40 of these lawsuits were dismissed, dismissed or withdrawn, largely due to lack of evidence. In some cases, the judges said that even if fraud had occurred, the remedy would not necessarily be to throw out the hundreds of thousands of votes to help Trump win.

So now Trump and his legal team have turned their focus to blue states with Republican governors and legislators, with the goal of convincing them to prevent their appointed voters from voting Biden into office when their states formally cast their ballots. To date, however, no state has signaled its willingness to agree to this plan.

Later in his interview with MacCallum, Graham said that he disagreed with former Trump campaign manager for data and digital operations, Brad Parscale, that Georgian Republican Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue should call on the legislature to investigate allegations of voter fraud in order to ensure a legitimate election in the upcoming January 5th runoff for Senate.

“We need to get off our asses and change the law in Georgia,” Graham said. “We have to change the law so that the races in the Senate are not stolen from us.

The runoff election in Georgia will determine which major party will control the Senate, and thus whether Biden will be able to push through his legislative goals with the support of the Democratic Congress.

Some Republicans who believe Trump’s allegations of voter fraud have threatened to boycott the runoff to punish the Republican governor and state secretary for not opposing the votes that will secure Biden’s victory in the state.

Washington Newsday has asked Graham’s office for a comment.


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