Ken Starr says: “Counting every vote can be a crime,” blows up the Governor of Pennsylvania in the Supreme Court.


Former U.S. District Judge Kenneth Starr told Fox News anchor Mark Levin that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Governor Tom Wolf had made an “unconstitutional decision” because many of the votes counted were “illegal.

Starr, who gained national notoriety in the 1990s by indicting former President Bill Clinton, Levin said Sunday night that the three-day extension of the deadline for postal votes in Pennsylvania was an “unconstitutional travesty. Levin and Starr both questioned the integrity of the Samuel Alito Supreme Court and the state Supreme Court for allowing an emergency decree on Friday requiring each district to separate and secure ballots received after 8 p.m. on election day. The order did not prevent the election workers from continuing to count the ballots, which Starr called “illegal.

Trump himself urged his supporters to watch Levin’s program on Sunday night and tweeted about his discussion of the “Mail-in Ballot Hoax!

Levin, an ongoing hypocrite, blew up the media for declaring Biden elected president four days after the election. But four years ago, Levin Trump proclaimed just that, just hours after polling stations closed on election day.

Congratulations to President-elect Trump. This was a historic victory. Almost all polls and experts were wrong.

– Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) November 9, 2016

Both the fanatical pro-trump Life, Liberty & Levin moderator and Starr accused the Democrats of “fixing the system” for no reason, with Levin claiming they wanted to “vote earlier and vote sooner” and “count later and count later”. Levin said the Supreme Court order Alito “could be challenged under our federal constitution … the state Supreme Court could have disenfranchised voters.

“In fact, it could be a crime to count every vote,” Starr replied. “It may even be a crime under federal law; it is definitely a crime under state law. He added his hope that the Supreme Court would “do its duty” and reverse Biden’s “lawless” victory. But Levin said he was “concerned” that even Chief Justice John Roberts would not side with the Republicans, accusing him of making “some ridiculous distinction between a federal and state court” during a recent ruling against GOP officials.

“There is more evidence of election fraud than there has ever been evidence of Russian collusion,” Levin told Sean Hannity’s Fox News program earlier this week. “So those who keep saying, ‘Let’s see the evidence,’ where the hell have you been for the last four years?

Levin made the unsubstantiated claim that the Democratic Party had defeated Trump by “flooding the system, creating chaos, seizing power and then accusing the opponent of misconduct. A tactic, he claimed, that stems directly from Marxist ideology.

Despite the unsubstantiated allegations in Sunday night’s Fox News, Pennsylvania Trump’s election officials have consistently denied groundless accusations of voter fraud by saying that both Republican and Democratic representatives were in every polling place. Starr told a single anecdote about a widow who voted for her deceased spouse as evidence of voter fraud.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar told CNN on Thursday that the postal ballots that arrived after Election Day represented only a tiny percentage of the nearly 550,000 votes counted at that time. With regard to the late postal ballots, she said that they “will not be made or broken in one way or another, either this way or another.

Starr repeated that the inhabitants of “high flyer states” should believe that their votes were in danger if the Democrats had their way. The longtime Republican said the electoral college “reflects the beauty of federalism.

Shortly before his appearance on the Levin’s show on Sunday night, Trump tweeted a clip about Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in which she rejected media calls for Biden as President-Elect. “This is a controversial election,” Graham told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo.

According to Graham, the Trump team allegedly “verified” 15 people who died among Pennsylvania’s early voters. Graham said Trump’s investigation of all early and absentee voters in Pennsylvania could potentially reveal 100 people who died among the voters


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