Katherine Janness and her dog were killed in an Atlanta park, and the FBI has joined the investigation.


Katherine Janness and her dog were killed in an Atlanta park, and the FBI has joined the investigation.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI is joining Atlanta police in their investigation into the slaying of Katherine Janness, 40, and her dog in the city’s Piedmont Park.

Janness was discovered stabbed to death in the park at 1 a.m. Wednesday, after walking her dog, who was also slain. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta police did not explain how the dog died, but Deputy Chief Charles Hampton described the situation as “gruesome.” According to FBI spokesman Kevin Rowson, the bureau is looking into the matter.

Chip Powell, who used to work with Janness when she was a bar manager at an improv theater, told WXIA-TV, “Katie was the most down to earth, wonderful spirit you will ever meet.” “She was known and liked by so many individuals in the community.”

According to her friends and relatives, Janness worked as a bartender at a restaurant near Piedmont Park. Investigators are offering a $10,000 prize for information about her stabbing.

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In their hunt to solve Janness’ stabbing killing, investigators sought video from residences and businesses near the popular Piedmont Park, while divers examined a pond.

There have been no arrests.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, investigators have gone door-to-door asking neighbors for video footage. The goal is to assist them in retracing Janness’ steps and extracting any information they can from the film.

News reports said that divers spent much of Wednesday exploring a pond in the park.

Janness was photographed crossing a rainbow-painted Pride crosswalk near the park in the city’s Midtown section on Wednesday, according to police.

Powell stated that he had known Janness for eight years.

According to Clark’s father, Joe Clark, Janness and her lover, Emma Clark, had been together for almost seven years and considered themselves married.

Joe Clark told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “They would’ve been together forever.” “They were that couple,” says the narrator.

Janness informed the newspaper that he was a voracious reader who collected books. He claimed she had also trained herself to play guitar and sang songs she had written.

Mourners laid flowers and dog food near the park entrance where her body was discovered on Wednesday.

It’s too early to discern a motive for the killing, according to Hampton.


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