Jon Ossoff insists that the Democrats will win the runoff election in the Georgian Senate, according to a poll that the Republicans are facing.


Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff has insisted that his party will win the runoff elections in the Georgian Senate necessary to take control of the upper chamber, although polls show that Republicans are leading in the elections.

As he continued a tour of Georgia on Thursday before his decisive battle in the Senate against GOP Senator David Perdue, Ossoff simply tweeted: “We will win back the Senate. If the Democrats win both runoffs in the Georgian Senate on January 5 next year, the upper chamber will be split 50-50, with President-elect Kamala Harris having the deciding vote.

While it is possible that the Democrats could gain effective control of the Senate – a massive boost for the new government of President-elect Joe Biden – the first runoff election in the Georgian Senate released this week favors Republican incumbents.

The Remington Research Group’s poll showed that 50 percent of voters in Georgia’s likely runoff were planning to support Perdue for another term in the Senate, with Ossoff supported by 46 percent of voters in Ossoff State, 4 points behind.

Another 4 percent of Georgians said they were undecided who they would vote for in the runoff.

In the Georgian special elections between Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and her Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock, the incumbent had a narrow one-point lead over her rival. 49 percent of voters expecting a second term supported her for a second term.

But with another 3 percent of voters still undecided, Warnock is still within reach to overcome the small 1-point deficit before the Georgians go to the polls again in two months.

For its latest survey, the Remington Research Group has interviewed 1,450 voters who are likely to participate in the runoff election in Georgia between November 8 and 9. The margin of error is 2.6 percentage points.

The public opinion polls were subjected to intense scrutiny as many polls were very far off and candidates were lagging behind in the polls before election day, comfortably winning their congressional contests.

Talking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the new poll in Georgia, Remington Research Group President Titus Bond said, “This will be a 100 percent start to ending basic voter participation. It will be intensified. It will be ideology from start to finish. It will be about motivating the base to vote again”.

Since it has become clear that the runoff elections in the Georgian Senate will have a major impact on the power of a Biden administration, both Democrats and Republicans have tried to put money in the race in the hope of tipping the scales in their direction.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York (D) raised more than $280,000 for grassroots organizations that want to help the Democratic candidates in the state win the race in January.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said he would donate $1 million from his own successful Senate campaign to the Loeffler and Perdue campaign funds on Election Day.


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