Joe Biden’s chances of winning the presidential elections are higher than ever as the key states remain undecided.


The chances of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to win the 2020 elections reached an all-time high on Thursday as the major swing states remain undecided.

According to The Action Network, the former vice president’s chances of winning the election have reached 91.7 percent.

This marks a high point for Biden, as The Action Network previously reported that the Democrats’ chances of winning the election were between 29.2 and 90 percent for the entire Wednesday.

On the “Election Betting Odds” website, which compiles data from bookmakers such as FTX, Smarkets, Betfair and PredictIt, Biden also has an over 90 percent chance of winning the presidential race.

Starting Thursday evening around 17.30 ET, the website shows a 90.8 percent chance for Biden. The website also states that Biden’s chances of winning have increased by 13.1 percent in the last 24 hours.

Although the nation is waiting for final calls from key states, Biden is currently leading the polls in the electoral college.

According to the Associated Press, Biden has 264 votes on Thursday night, while President Donald Trump is trailing with 214 votes. Both candidates must reach 270 to win the presidency.

Oddschecker, who compared the odds of dozens of bookmakers, favors Biden in the most important undecided states on the battlefield.

In Georgia, Oddschecker gives a Biden quota of 8-13 (61.92 percent) and a trump quota of 6-4 (40 percent).

In Pennsylvania and Nevada, Biden is in the lead with odds of 1-4 (80 percent) and 1-5 (83.33 percent), respectively. Trump odds in these states are 3-1 (25 percent) and 9-2 (18.18 percent).

In terms of actual ballots cast, Trump was leading Biden at the time of writing this article on Thursday with less than 10,000 votes in Georgia, according to an Associated Press count, with 99 percent of expected votes reported.

A defeat for Trump in Georgia would ruin his chances of a clear victory, although in this scenario he could still secure a tie in the electoral college and win another term.

In the event of a tie, the president must be elected by Congress. The House of Representatives would decide who will be president, while the Senate would elect the vice president.

If neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate can find a majority for the President and Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, would serve as acting President until Congress can make a decision.

Trump also leads Pennsylvania at the time of publication with about 90,000 votes, according to the Associated Press. With 89 percent of the expected votes counted, the outstanding ballots are expected to increase Biden’s chances of winning the key state.

However, at the time of release, Biden is leading in Nevada. The Democrat has over 11,400 votes over Trump, according to the Associated Press, with 76 percent of the expected votes reported.


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