Joe Biden says he will win with a mandate for action against racism, climate and COVID.


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said voters at a drive-in campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday called for a “mandate” on the problems of the United States.

According to reports, Biden’s campaign had hoped that the race would be called before Biden’s speech. While the Chase Center venue was originally secured for a Biden victory rally, the results of Friday’s U.S. presidential election were still unclear. Biden acknowledged this fact and told those present that “we do not yet have a final declaration of victory.

Biden said that the more than 74 million Americans who voted for the Democratic ticket “gave us a mandate to take action against COVID, the economy, climate change and systemic racism.

“They made it clear,” Biden continued. “They want the country to come together and not move further apart. The people spoke, more than 74 million Americans. They spoke loudly for our ticket. But while we wait for the final results, I want the people to know that we are not waiting to get the job done and start the process.

At the time of his remarks, Biden was ahead of President Donald Trump in both the national referendum and the electoral college. Biden had received more than 74 million votes, while Trump received more than 70 million votes. According to CNN information, Biden had received 253 votes, while Trump received 213 votes and Trump received 213 votes.

However, both Fox News and Associated Press predicted a victory for Biden in Arizona on Wednesday, so Biden received 264 votes in their tables. Trump’s re-election campaign has filed federal lawsuits in several contested states demanding that the tabulation of postal ballots be stopped. Biden has urged Americans to remain calm until all votes are counted.

On Friday, election workers in the Swing states were still working on an influx of postal ballots, a voting method that Trump had claimed during his re-election campaign would lead to cases of electoral fraud. In a Friday tweet Trump said it was too early for Biden to declare victory.

“Joe Biden should not mistakenly claim the office of president,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “I could also make that claim. The trial is just beginning!”

Joe Biden should not falsely claim the office of president. I could also make this claim. The trial is just beginning!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2020

Biden did not claim victory in his speech, but commented on his growing lead in traditionally republican areas. “We will be the first Democrats in Arizona in 24 years,” Biden said. “We will be the first Democrat to win in Georgia in 28 years. And we have rebuilt the Blue Wall in the middle of a country that crumbled just four years ago – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, the heartland of this nation.

Because of his fears that the postal vote would cause irregularities in the tabulation process, Trump encouraged Republicans to wait until Election Day to cast their ballots in person. The Democrats welcomed the postal vote as a way to avoid crowded polling stations during the COVID 19 pandemic. In some polling stations, the votes cast on election day are counted before the mail ballots are sent out.

When the final election results were not immediately available on election night, Trump claimed that the Democrats were trying to steal the election by adding “illegal votes” to the official tables.

“If you count the legal votes, I win easily,” Trump said in a speech on Thursday. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us,” Trump said in a speech on Thursday. If you count the votes that were late – we look at them very closely. But a lot of votes were late.”

Many believed Trump’s claims were made without evidence. In a Friday interview, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania told NBC that Trump’s allegations of large-scale fraud and election theft were simply unsubstantiated. I am not aware of any significant misconduct here.


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