Joe Biden records a high voter turnout of women and youth during one of the last stops on election day in Pennsylvania.


Joe Biden celebrated the high voter turnout of women and youth at a final voter contest in Pennsylvania, a key state of the year 2020 that could decide the victory of the presidency.

The Democratic candidate participated in a campaign event in Philadelphia on election day. The former vice president spoke through a megaphone while wearing a mask. He thanked his supporters and said the city had been good to him throughout his career.

“Let me tell you something: Like Philly, the state of Pennsylvania goes,” Biden said, triggering the cheers of the crowd. “The turnout was incredible, the work you do is incredible.”

Biden pointed to the high voter turnout across the country – a massive increase in early voting has set the United States on track to surpass a total of 150 million voters in this election cycle – as proof that “the country is ready” for new leadership. Biden told the crowd: “We will have more people voting this year than ever before in American history.

“People between the ages of 18 and 30 are coming in large numbers. It will be a big thing,” Biden said, adding that he understands that “54 percent of the votes so far are women.

The former vice president further criticized the efforts of Trump and the Republicans to limit the time frame for counting mail ballots.

“The president has reversed a lot of things,” Biden said. “One of them is that he thinks he can decide who gets to vote. Well, guess what? The people will decide who gets to be president.”

Last month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by Trump’s campaign that tried to ban the use of ballot boxes, change a state law that allows only election observers to monitor polling stations in their own country, and allow county election officials to disqualify postal ballots if the voter’s signature does not match the signature on the record.

The U.S. Supreme Court has also rejected a Republican petition to suspend a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allows ballots to be counted up to three days after election day. Trump has repeatedly criticized the Supreme Court decision, claiming that without evidence it would lead to fraud.

On Monday night, Twitter flagged a post by Trump in which he wrote that the Supreme Court decision on the Pennsylvania vote was a “VERY dangerous” decision that “will cause violence on the streets. The social media giant prevented users from liking or responding to the post and added a disclaimer stating that the content of the president’s message was “controversial” and potentially misleading.

Both campaigns have emphasized how critical Pennsylvania is to sealing an election victory. Trump won Pennsylvania 2016 with some 44,000 votes and turned the state to red after having voted democratically in the six previous elections – including Barack Obama in his two presidential campaigns.

A Monmouth University poll published on Monday, one day before election day, showed that Biden is 5 points ahead in the Swing State. The poll showed that half of Pennsylvania’s registered voters, 50 percent, preferred Biden and 45 percent preferred Trump.


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