Joe Biden has a broad leadership role in three key battlefield states: Survey.


Joe Biden has a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump in two major swing states with less than a week to election day, according to new survey data.

The latest survey data from SurveyMonkey and Axios also showed Biden has a 9-point lead over Trump in a third swing state, suggesting the Democratic candidate has a good chance of winning the electoral college on November 3.

According to the pollster’s Candidate Preference Meter, Biden led Trump by 12 percentage points in the neighboring states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The former vice president received 55 percent support from likely voters in the two states, while Trump was supported by 43 percent.

In nearby Michigan, Trump was 9 percentage points behind Biden with 44 percent of the vote – a projected decline of 3 percentage points from his 2016 victory.

The latest SurveyMonkey and Axios polls on the battlefields were based on polls conducted among thousands of voters between September 30 and October 27. It is unclear what the margin of error is for each survey at the state level.

Thirty-eight survey aggregators have given SurveyMonkey a “D” rating for its national tracker survey.

President Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin with a margin of less than one percentage point in his 2016 race against then-candidate Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and was only 1.5 points behind her in Minnesota. The states together had 36 votes on the electoral college, which helped to bring Trump over the all-important 270 line.

The results of the latest Axios Tracker poll from the Swing States are consistent with other polls on the battlefield. An Ipsos poll published in Michigan on Monday showed Biden Trump leading by 9 points, with 52 percent of voters supporting the Democrat.

Another survey by Gravis Marketing, released on Monday, found the former vice president in Minnesota 14 points ahead of Trump, while a survey by ABC News and The Washington Post in Wisconsin found Biden among likely voters in Wisconsin with a staggering 17 points ahead of the president.

On a national level, the Democratic candidate is 9 points ahead of Trump, with an average of just under 52 percent of voters voting for the ex-vice president, while according to FiveThirtyEight Trackers, about 43 percent support Trump.

According to the national 3-day moving average of the SurveyMonkey Tracker survey, Biden is only 4 points ahead of Trump with 51 percent of the vote.


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