Joe Biden at the head of Georgia ignites a wave of memes as democrats on the way to the Flip State Blue.


Joe Biden has taken the lead in Georgia and unleashed waves of memes, while the Democrats are closer to turning the state blue.

In a long night of counting, Biden slowly approached the leadership of Donald Trump, and he finally made the transition early Thursday morning as more and more absentee ballots were counted.

It was the latest results from the Democratic stronghold of Clayton County that put him in the lead in Georgia with 917 votes. According to the Decision Desk HQ, he now holds 49.39 percent of the vote and leads with more than 2,449,371 votes, ahead of Trump’s 2,448,454, or 49.37 percent.

Meanwhile, the president’s road to victory in Georgia is fading and he faces a very narrow path to securing his re-election without him.

The state, which has not turned blue for Bill Clinton since 1992, will come as a great victory for the Biden election campaign if it can snatch it away from the Republicans.

This development has created hilarious memes in the social media, with Twitter users making fun of what could be both Trump and the Republicans’ confident reaction.

When the results arrive in the middle of the night, a meme shows a clip of a man shouting at the crowd from a stage and saying “Wake up, wake up, wake up” with the Twitter-like caption: “GEORGIA IS BLUE.

Another shows a boy looking at a blue computer screen and shouting next to the caption: “republicans see georgia rn”. Meanwhile, the song “I’m Blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-di” can also be heard in the background.

After the news John Legend even released a clip in which he sings Ray Charles’ song “Georgia On My Mind”.


– all reaction videos (@allreactionvids) November 6, 2020

republicans watching georgia rn

– Elementâ (@Element921) November 6, 2020

All @ Georgia:

– Isobel Frodsham (@isobeljourno) 6 November 2020


– atzin ð ð ð (@ursogoldenharry) November 6, 2020

Trump’s answer to Georgia’s BLUE color for Biden!

– Cleavon MD (@Cleavon_MD) November 6, 2020

georgia comes with the blue

– jacky â” (@ltsJacky) November 6, 2020

How quickly things have changed.

ð¸ @BrittonThomas

– All Georgia (@GAF trailer) November 6, 2020

Georgia in my head ðð¾ð¶ #election2020

– Mohombi – (@Mohombi) November 6, 2020

Georgia in my head

– John Legend (@johnlegend) November 6, 2020

The hustle and bustle of the memes and guards comes as Biden moves ever closer to victory. When Biden finally wins in Georgia, he will have a total of 269 votes in the electoral college, just ahead of the 270 needed to get him into the White House.

The state has counted more than 98 percent of the votes, but a recount could be due if the margin remains as small as it is now.

Meanwhile, recounts are underway in other contested states, including Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania, and Biden is competitive or leading in all of these states.

In Pennsylvania, too, Biden is approaching Trump’s leadership, but the President’s team has filed lawsuits in several states and repeatedly claimed without evidence that the election was riddled with election fraud.

After Biden took the lead in Georgia, the President’s team had to make a public statement from 5 a.m. EST.

Trump, however, had repeatedly and unfoundedly made allegations of election fraud. In a tweet reported by Twitter for possibly containing misleading information, Trump wrote: “I easily win the U.S. presidency with LEGAL VOTES CAST.

“The OBSERVERS were in no way allowed to do their job, and therefore votes cast during this period must be designated as ILLEGAL VOTES CAST. The US Supreme Court should decide!”

When Clayton County in Georgia announced the latest results of the pending votes at about 4:20 EST, it put Biden in the lead with 917 votes.

There are also some 4,800 outstanding votes in Democratic Gwinnett County. Biden leads Chatham County by about 40,000 votes after a state judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump’s team in the county.

But Trump still has a chance to come back with unannounced votes in the Republican strongholds of Laurens County and Forsyth County.

In the former, CNN reports that there are still about 1,500 votes to be announced in Forsyth County, w


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