Jewish voters return after Trump says voting Democrat is “very disloyal”: Poll.


Jewish voters overwhelmingly supported former Vice President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party in the election on Tuesday ahead of President Donald Trump, according to a poll published by the liberal non-profit organization J Street.

Votes are still counted on Wednesday morning, with the election a close race that will result in a handful of swing states, especially in the Midwest. Biden was predicted to win the competition easily, but the election is in full swing.

Jewish voters chose Biden over Trump by a margin of 77-21, according to the J Street poll conducted by GBAO Strategies and conducted between October 28 and November 3 among 800 voters. The margin of error was 3.5 percent.

Jewish voters supported Biden by a larger margin when they defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, who received 70 percent of the votes on Trumps 25 percent.

Jewish voters also supported the Democratic candidates who lost the election. Of the voters polled, 78 percent supported the Democrats in their congressional elections, compared with 21 percent for Republican candidates.

Despite Trump’s proposals to the contrary, American policy toward Israel was not the dominant issue for Jewish voters. Trump has framed American Jews to focus primarily on Israel, an anti-Semitic trope that has earned him criticism from the Jewish community.

Last year, the president suggested that Jews who voted for Democratic candidates were “very disloyal to the Jews, and you are very disloyal to Israel.

The day before, he said of wishful voters: “I think that any Jewish people who vote for a Democrat shows either a complete lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” said Trump of the Oval Office.

The number of respondents who named Israel as their top election priority was only 5 percent, compared to 9 percent in 2016. Both Trump and Biden are very pro-Israeli, although Trump has gone further than the former president in his support of Israeli nationalism.

This includes Trump’s enthusiasm in overlooking Israeli human rights violations, the settlements in the West Bank considered illegal by the United Nations, and the annexation of occupied land in the Golan Heights.

Biden has expressed his support for the two-state solution – something that many observers said no longer exists de facto after years of inaction and the recent Abraham Accords – but has also fully committed himself to “unwavering” US diplomatic and military support for Israel.

The main concerns of the Jewish voters surveyed were the coronavirus pandemic (54 percent), climate change (26 percent), healthcare (25 percent) and the economy (23 percent).

“In this historic election, Jewish voters simply rejected Donald Trump and a Republican Party that has taken care of the country’s far-right, xenophobic elements outright,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, in a statement.

“A strategy based on the myth that Jewish voters can be won with a hawkish-Israel policy will inevitably fail if American Jews have repeatedly proven that they are among the most progressive voters in the American electorate, with views on Israel that are pro-diplomacy and pro-peace,” Ben-Ami added.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most respondents (72 percent) said they were in favor of a two-state solution. Fifteen percent were in favor of the Israeli annexation of Palestinian land and allowed Palestinians to participate in local elections but not in national elections, and 13 percent were in favor of establishing a bi-national state for Jews and Palestinians.

A majority of 67 percent supported “the active role of the United States in assisting the parties to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if this means that the United States will put pressure on Israel to make the compromises necessary for peace.


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