Jared Kushner, Ivanka and Don Jr. have come to terms with the long odds of victory, but the trump “brand” is to keep fighting.


The atmosphere in Trump’s White House is “sad,” says one staff member, but although Donald Trump’s closest family advisors understand that the chances of re-election are against them, they are determined to keep fighting. Neither Jared Kushner nor Ivanka, Eric or Donald Trump Jr. have so far suggested that the president renounce the legal challenges and simply give up. “That is not possible at this time,” says the employee who asked for anonymity. They are sending text messages and e-mails every ten minutes to raise funds.

The recounts and re-surveys that the Trump team is seeking in several states are “far-fetched,” says a Trump campaign lead counsel who is not authorized to speak on record. The family “does not know the prospects of success. But everyone is willing to play it out”.

For Trump, and especially for sons Don Jr. and Eric, “the ‘fight-on’ mentality is very brand-conscious. They will continue to fight until it becomes clear that they are damaging the Trump brand,” says the legal adviser for 2024 and beyond.

He believes his constituents deserve that,” the consultant told Washington Newsday. But if and when the president realizes that he has no legal way forward, he will acknowledge defeat: ”Any proposal that is different is irresponsible. He will give in, and there will be an orderly change of power”.

A senior campaign worker, who has also been assured anonymity, says it is not surprising that the legal battles are underway, even though the Trump campaign lacks an experienced team of election lawyers to prosecute them. The chairman of the Election Defense Task Force, as Trump calls the effort, is David Bossie, who is not a lawyer.

“After all this time, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump will not do what the mainstream media expects of him,” says the campaign manager. “At least not on their timetable. That will not happen.”.


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