James Carville, a Democratic political consultant, claims that the party’s “urban smugness” hurts them.


James Carville, a Democratic political consultant, claims that the party’s “urban smugness” hurts them.

Democratic political analyst James Carville claimed on Wednesday that the Democratic Party’s “metropolitan arrogance” and “urban smugness” might alienate people and cost Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

On Wednesday, Carville told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Democrats should “speak plain English” and appeal to all Americans, especially those who reside in both rural and urban areas.

“Being a Democrat means respecting everyone, but especially respecting people’s labor. Democrats frequently come across as having a sense of metropolitan arrogance or urban smugness, which hurts us. “And, by the way, it hurts us with people who live in cities where this jargony faculty lounge lingo isn’t spoken,” Carville added.

As the 2022 elections near, Democratic strategist James Carville has issued a warning to Democrats.

He advises, “Speak straightforward English… respect everyone.” “…Democrats frequently come out as having this metropolitan arrogance, this urban smugness, and it affects us.” twitter.com/UlJYBiKwmx pic.twitter.com/UlJYBiKwmx

May 27, 2021 — Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime)

Carville, who was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager for the 1992 presidential election, has been a vocal critic of the Democratic Party’s “wokeness” and self-described “message problem.”

In a recent interview with Vox News, Carville bemoaned the Democratic Party’s proclivity towards “faculty lounge” politics. To put it another way, the political strategist feels Democratic leaders are too focused on employing language that appeals to the average American.

Carville criticized the left for indulging in “cancel culture,” saying, “Wokeness is an issue and everyone knows it.”

“I tell people all the time that we need to quit speaking Hebrew and start speaking Yiddish. We need to speak in a way that ordinary people do, in a way that voters do. It’s not difficult. That’s how you make a connection and persuade someone. And we must stop allowing ourselves to be defined by others,” Carville continued.

Carville cautioned that unless Democrats get the right message out, they risk losing power in the upcoming elections.

“Democrats must win in a country where 18 percent of the population controls 52 percent of Senate seats if they wish to gain power. That is a proven fact. That isn’t going to change. Last month, Carville stated, “That’s what this whole damn thing is about.”

Democrats currently have the majority in Congress. This is a condensed version of the information.


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