Is Gavin Newsom capable of defeating Donald Trump in 2024? His California residency could be his undoing.


Is Gavin Newsom capable of defeating Donald Trump in 2024? His California residency could be his undoing.

It’s been 40 years since an American presidential candidate won by a landslide, so a hypothetical 2024 contest between former President Donald Trump and California Governor Gavin Newsom would be a close fight.

Newsom is expected to win reelection in 2022 after surviving an attempt to remove him from office in a resounding recall victory. If he wins, it will be the end of his governor career, as he is not eligible to compete for re-election. However, with the appropriate resume and charisma, Newsom’s name has entered the discourse as a possible formidable presidential candidate.

However, the very quality that could help him attract voters—being the governor of the most populous state—also be his undoing.

“People see him and view him as the classic, good-looking, educated, technocratic Californian,” said Spencer Critchley, a communications advisor on both of former President Barack Obama’s campaigns.

Newsom, a native Californian, will have to overcome the perception that he is disconnected from the hardship of folks in the heartland. California lost a congressional seat for the first time due to population decrease, and while the percentage of Californians who actually left is minimal, data from the state indicates that an estimated 180,000 people are departing, fueling the narrative that citizens are fleeing in droves.

The population drop in California, which has been seen as a mecca since the mid-1800s Gold Rush, has opened the way to attacks on the state’s wildfires, which have resulted in power outages, homelessness, and a high cost of living.

According to Mark Weaver, a Republican strategist, the subject of why people are leaving California is undoubtedly on the minds of voters in middle America and swing states, such as Pennsylvania. Weaver predicted that Newsom would be the answer, which would be a problem for him as a presidential contender trying to win over votes in those states.

Being a “coastal elitist” didn’t bother Trump, who was born and raised in New York. Trump, a billionaire who lived in a New York City penthouse, reached out to America’s “forgotten men and women” in rural areas. He was the candidate in 2016 who understood their problems and had the ability to fix them. This is a condensed version of the information.


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