Indian right-wing lobby group tries to set up US Hindu prayer meetings for the re-election of Donald Trump.


An extreme right-wing Hindu organization that reportedly prayed for the re-election of Donald Trump in India seems to have tried to organize similar events in the USA.

A branch of the Hindu semen turned to Los Angeles-based author Saurav Dutt on Wednesday via Twitter and e-mail, asking him to organize a Havan and puja – a sacred Hindu ritual – in the California city to show support for a Trump victory.

After refusing the request, Dutt told Washington Newsday: “The idea of holding fire rituals for Trump and a ‘puja’ is a mockery of a religious identity and heritage that is very important to me in my spiritual beliefs.

It follows reports on the TV news channel India Today that the organization held prayers for the incumbent Republican president in Indian cities, including Allahabad and Delhi, in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election.

Hindu Sena, which was founded in 2011, had previously organized events in honor of Trump. These include prayers for the then presidential candidate to win the 2016 election, and reportedly organized a birthday party with a colorful cake and campaign posters at the famous Jantar Mantar monument in New Delhi.

In the email, which has yet to be verified by Washington Newsday, a Hindu Sena member who signed his name Pratik told British Indian writer Dutt that the Hindu Sena would perform “a Havan and puja for Trump victory” in the coming days.

Pratik continued that the organization could ensure that “many people” would support Trump at similar events in LA.

Asked if Dutt would “help organize something,” Pratik offered to put the author “in touch with a few people who can keep Havans and pujas outside polling stations. He also asked, “Can you think of other good places to hold them?”

“All we are looking for is to do this with mantras, ghee, some fire, flowers and diyas, and if you can bring MAGA hats and good pictures of Mr. Trump and his family, can we do anything?

Dutt rejected the request, telling Washington Newsday that the Hindu sena had an “unsavoury kind of extreme right-wing crazy religiosity.

The organization also sent the author a tweet asking him to say prayers for Donald Trump.

he said: “I can empathize with those who so fervently believe in politics and this election that they want to pray for or against a candidate, but in these difficult times, the idea of holding fire rituals for Trump and holding a ‘puja’ makes a mockery of a religious identity and heritage that are very important to me in my spiritual beliefs.

“Just weeks after the traditional festivals of Diwali and Navratri, the thought of praying for Trump and the Republican Party and using this ancient religion for purely political purposes turns my stomach.

He went on to say that groups like the Hindu Sena in India are considered a “joke” and that the United States “need not validate or import such nonsensical partisan worship on the streets of Los Angeles.

Dutt added: “Such a group, such an initiative makes a joke of U.S. politics, the issues at stake in this election, Hinduism, India and COVID-19 with their socially undistanced, unprincipled and unsavoury kind of right-wing, crazy religiosity”.

Washington Newsday has asked Hindu-Sena Sitamarhi for a comment.


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