In this touching video, a hospital nurse serenades a COVID patient with a gospel song.


In this touching video, a hospital nurse serenades a COVID patient with a gospel song.

A touching social media video showed a nurse singing a gospel hymn to one of her COVID patients. Another example of a nurse going above and above to console patients through a tough time may be seen in the video.

The video was released to Methodist Healthcare’s Instagram account last week. Methodist Healthcare is a healthcare provider in San Antonio, Texas. The incident took occurred at Methodist Hospital South, according to the video’s caption.

“Especially during the epidemic, Allison Walker believes in the significance of spiritual & emotional healing of her patients, not simply their physical recovery,” noted Methodist Healthcare in the description of the post.

“That’s why she combines her passion for singing into her work…” said the caption.

According to the caption, the video shows Walker singing “How Great Thou Art” to her patient, who happens to be a church pastor. The pastor taped the video so that he could show it to his family later.

Walker is completely clothed in PPE and sings with her eyes closed in the video. When she starts singing the chorus, the patient joins in for a few syllables, but then stops and lets Walker continue the song on her own.

At the end of the film, the patient says, “Amen.” “Thank you very much – that was just stunning.” Walker stated in the caption of the post that she will do “whatever it takes” to assist her patients.

“For patients, this is a frightening period. So, on occasion, I’ll be dressed in full PPE singing, hugging them, or praying with them… whatever it takes “she stated

Methodist Healthcare did not respond to the Washington Newsday’s request for additional information regarding Walker in time for publication.

Many nurses have been compelled to go outside the box when it comes to patient care as a result of the pandemic. According to The Washington Newsday, a Brazilian nurse technician named Semei Arajo Cunha shared a photo of a “glove device” to social media in April, which she used to “simulate the experience of human contact.”

Cunha explained, “We chose to do it as a sort of affection, snuggling, humanization, as if someone were taking her hand, and also to soften the extremities that were quite chilly.”

An end-of-April viral video depicts an. This is a condensed version of the information.


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