In the midst of the GOP’s “civil war,” Marjorie Taylor Greene says she and Matt Gaetz are “taking charge.”


In the midst of the GOP’s “civil war,” Marjorie Taylor Greene says she and Matt Gaetz are “taking charge.”

Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz have declared a Republican “civil war” in which they are “taking command.”

“Matt and I have partnered up because we will not allow Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, or any other Trump-hating Republican to turn the GOP into their party,” she said. As a result, we’ve taken command. During a recent interview with the Real America’s Voice network, she added, “We’re delivering it to the people.”

She went on to say, “We know what the people want.” “The American people overwhelmingly embrace President Trump as the Republican Party’s leader.”

There are most certainly two sides to the “civil war” she mentioned. On one hand, there are some, such as Greene and Gaetz, who believe that former Republican President Donald Trump and his unapologetic, outspoken attitude reflect the party’s future.

On the other hand, Republicans such as Wyoming Representative Cheney and Illinois Representative Kinzinger dispute Trump’s false assertion that the 2020 election was “stolen.” They see Trump’s statements as endangering democracy, alienating voters, and diverting attention away from policy debates.

Both Cheney and Kinzinger have stated emphatically that there is no evidence to support Trump’s claims that he lost the 2020 election due to an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud. Trump’s allegation has been dubbed “dangerously irresponsible.”

Both chambers also agreed to impeach the former president for instigating the U.S. Capitol insurgency on January 6. Several insurgents have stated that they were acting on Trump’s orders to prevent Congress from “stealing” the election.

Greene and Gaetz, on the other hand, have praised efforts to re-examine the 2020 election in search of evidence of fraud. Starting in Mesa, Arizona, the two have embarked on a “America First” tour, saying that ballot audits would prove Trump correct.

They lauded the ongoing ballot audit in Maricopa County while speaking in Mesa on Friday. Despite state Republicans calling the audit a “joke,” Gaetz and Greene assured that similar audits will be conducted in other blue states won by Democratic President Joe Biden last November. The two pledged to visit Fulton County, Georgia—another site where Trump alleged voter fraud—as their next tour stop.

In Mesa, Arizona the two denounced Republicans who oppose Trump’s election fraud claims.

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