In the face of increasing limitations, Biden prioritizes a bill to improve voting rights in the United States.


In the face of increasing limitations, Biden prioritizes a bill to improve voting rights in the United States.

The 100th anniversary of the race murder in Tulsa has been utilized by US President Joe Biden to call for extensive legislation in Congress to preserve the right to vote.

The president’s appeal comes as Republican-led legislatures in Texas and other states enact new restrictions that make voting more difficult.

Mr. Biden, who was in Oklahoma to commemorate the centennial, chastised members of Congress, including two senators from his own party, for delaying action on voting laws.

Mr. Biden said the right to vote is “sacred” and must be maintained, quoting the late Representative John Lewis. He promised that June will be a “month of action” on Capitol Hill as Congress debates the bill, which is one of his administration’s top goals.

Mr. Biden said of the bill, “We’re not giving up.” “I’m going to fight like hell for it with every tool at my disposal.”

Republicans in state legislatures around the country are pushing an unprecedented surge of laws aimed at reducing access to the vote box, according to analysts. While Republicans claim the laws are aimed at avoiding voter fraud, Democrats argue that they are geared specifically at eroding minority voting rights.

The Texas legislature has moved closer to enacting a bill that would decrease early voting hours, tighten voter ID requirements for absentee votes, and eliminate ballot drop boxes and drive-through voting centers.

Only after Texas Democrats walked off the House floor on Sunday night did the bill become stalled, but Republican Governor Greg Abbott has stated he will call a special session to assure its passage.

Mr. Biden spoke about federal voting rights legislation during a commemoration of the Tulsa race massacre, in which a white mob looted and destroyed Tulsa’s Greenwood area, sometimes known as “Black Wall Street,” on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre. Hundreds of Black Tulsans were slaughtered, and many more were taken into internment camps run by the National Guard for a time.

Mr. Biden stated that in order to properly heal, the country must acknowledge a long-forgotten chapter of history. (This is a brief piece.)


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