In Spanish-language Cuba coverage, Florida Democrats see a familiar storm cloud.


In Spanish-language Cuba coverage, Florida Democrats see a familiar storm cloud.

As demonstrations against the Cuban dictatorship continue, Florida has emerged as a focal point for Cuban-American opposition to the regime, with calls for the Biden administration to do more to assist the Cuban people.

However, as it did during the November election, Spanish-language media in South Florida is playing an outsized role in telling the story of what is happening, often in a partisan or incomplete manner that has darkened the mood of concerned Democrats in the state, reminding them of their losing battle against disinformation in 2020.

Raul Martinez, a Democrat whose top-rated Caracol 1260 AM radio show was canceled when America CV bought the station and decided to take it in a more conservative direction, told This website that the coverage frequently labels Democrats as communists and socialists, claims that President Joe Biden will not call out communism in Cuba, and makes broad declarations about the power the White House has over the interstate system.

“What they imply is that Biden holds the key to turning on the internet in Cuba, which is completely false,” Martinez explained.

Last week, Biden referred to Cuba as a “failed state” and communism as a “universally failed system.”

The Magnitsky Act, which was enacted in reaction to Russian aggression and was later used against Venezuela, was utilized by the White House on Thursday to impose fresh penalties on particular Cuban leaders.

Because the White House was determined that employing high-altitude balloons to give enhanced internet access would not work, as South Florida Republicans demanded and Miami radio and Spanish-language networks emphasized, the concept was shelved.

However, plans to create virtual private networks, or VPNs, to expand internet access on the island were included in Thursday’s announcement.

“I’m hoping today’s announcement will help to stop some of the bleeding on Spanish outlets,” said Andrea Mercado, executive director of Florida Rising, which was involved in the creation of a report on the disinformation broadcast by Spanish-language stations following the Capitol attack on January 6.

Cuban-American activists and Republicans will continue to press the administration to do more, and the impact of the enhanced sanctions will be revealed over time, but there is a Wild West feel on Spanish-language networks, with the Biden administration on the losing end. This is a condensed version of the information.


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