In Las Vegas, a Jewish man wearing a Star of David was assaulted by a man who allegedly yelled “Baby Killers.”


In Las Vegas, a Jewish man wearing a Star of David was assaulted by a man who allegedly yelled “Baby Killers.”

During a vacation to Las Vegas on Monday, a Jewish man from New York claimed he was the victim of a hate crime when another man knocked him to the ground and hurled antisemitic comments.

According to NBC New York, Paul Lebowitz, 67, was viciously targeted for being Jewish during a talk about the Israeli-Palestinian problem with a stranger. Lebowitz said he was visiting the area with his wife and adult son, who works as a paramedic in New York City.

When the three passengers stopped for coffee at the MGM casino, they ran into another family and began talking about the ongoing violence. The man Lebowitz spoke with identified himself as Sam and stated he was from Palestine, according to NBC New York.

“As it turns out, I’m also from Palestine,” I said. And we were having a pleasant, if contentious, discussion,” Lebowitz explained. But, he continued, the talk swiftly became nasty.

“Your people are not going to exist anymore,” the man told Lebowitz as they conversed. “The Jews are not going to exist anymore,” he added.

Lebowitz, who was wearing his Star of David necklace and told KVVU-TV that he was a “proud Jew,” answered by informing the man that he was a “proud Jew.”

The man became violent at that time, according to Lebowitz.

“’Baby killers!’ he exclaims. He grabs my face with his hand and throws me to the ground. I took a step back. Lebowitz remarked, “I smacked my skull.”

Lebowitz said that he did not fight back or lay hands on the man. His family was able to contact law enforcement, but by the time officers arrived, the suspect had already fled, according to KVVU-TV.

The incident was reported to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a violent attack. Police told Lebowitz surveillance footage will be used to identify the suspect in the ongoing investigation.

The 67-year-old stated he has a concussion and is requesting that the event be investigated as a hate crime.

“Police report said it was a battery, I said yea it’s a battery, but this is a hate crime,” Lebowitz said, according to NBC New York. “When I said I’m a proud Jew, he smacked me in the face. It’s not enough to say it’s a battery case; it’s also a hate crime case.”

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