In his basement, a man painstakingly digs out a nightclub by hand.


In his basement, a man painstakingly digs out a nightclub by hand.

A father built a nightclub beneath his house with his bare hands, and his children are expected to throw the best parties.

Under his page spaghettiinmygymbag, the man, identified John, has been posting the back-breaking metamorphosis on TikTok.

John, who is thought to be from Illinois, claimed that he purchased the home more than two decades ago and has been slowly renovating it since then.

In the fall of 2019, he began work on transforming the basement into a “nightclub.”

John has posted several films on the social networking site describing the transformation, with one of his most recent recordings garnering more than 30 million views since it was posted last week.

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Loui – Talkin’ Bout (ft. Saweetie)

“Turning my basement into a nightclub,” he captioned it.

“Lots of digging,” John says in earlier recordings as he shovels dirt, bricks, and rubbish. 13 dump trailers were manually filled. I’m lowering the floor of my basement to construct a chic nightclub.

“Hand-dug my basement to create my own nightclub. The conclusion will wow you. The floor was 19 inches lower. Won’t hear the loud music with closed cell foam. Thicker drywall in case knuckleheads try to punch through walls.”

He filmed a large bar, which he said was made from “the old chimney we tore out.”

As John admits, the entire procedure has been difficult: “I had to take a couple months off from rigorous labor.” Carrying 2 buckets at a time up the stairs for a few weeks was a crusher.”

The most recent video, which was posted on Saturday, was a whole montage.

It shows John working hard with family and friends, revealing they went through a bucket stage to clear debris, before sanding the floor then pouring epoxy resin on it.

It took 17 gallons of “metal flake epoxy” to cover the surface, followed by a satin polyurethane coating and a clear finish.

@spaghettiinmygymbag @spaghettiinmygymbag @spaghettiinmy

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David Bowie’s Changes (2015 Remaster)

In total, John reckons he’s spent thousands on the project, saying in the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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