In court, a Capitol rioter yells at prosecutors, telling them to “drop all charges” or make a “counteroffer.”


In court, a Capitol rioter yells at prosecutors, telling them to “drop all charges” or make a “counteroffer.”

Zach Alam, an accused Capitol rioter, is seeking to represent himself in court and has offered the court to drop the charges against him or have prosecutors “make me a counteroffer” by working as his own counsel.

Before being fatally shot, Alam allegedly entered the Capitol on January 6, screamed “f— the blue” in the face of a police officer, and damaged the glass pane of the door that Ashli Babbitt trying to climb through. Despite the fact that Alam was facing 11 charges and over 40 years in prison, he said prosecutors would be unable to establish their case, and he demanded a plea deal regardless.

According to NBC4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane, Alam repeatedly stated at Wednesday’s hearing that he wanted U.S. Attorney Candice Chiu Wong to offer him a settlement and begged her to “start doing her job.” Although Alam was told by Judge Dabney Friedrich that prosecutors were not compelled to offer him a bargain, Wong stated she was “glad to start that process.”

Alam reacted by telling the prosecution to “consider it requested now” and then making his own offer. He urged the court that they should drop “all allegations” against him or “give me a counteroffer.”

Prosecutors allege that Alam began kicking the glass panels of the Speaker’s Lobby door “seconds” after officers defending the door moved to a nearby wall, making him one of hundreds of people charged in connection with the Capitol incident. He then snatched another rioter’s helmet and used it to “violently strike the idle glass panel repeatedly with the helmet,” smashing it.

Officers fatally shot Babbitt after she climbed through the window Alam reportedly destroyed, according to video from the riot. The officer’s identity has not been revealed, but the Department of Justice has stated that there is insufficient evidence to sustain a criminal prosecution.

Babbitt’s family has taken legal proceedings to get the officer’s identify and intends to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against him. Some have dubbed her a martyr, and notable Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, have urged for the officer’s murder to be investigated. Others have referred to her death as one of the day’s tragedies.

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