In a Youtube video, a teen couple accused of killing a girl’s father makes jokes about the murder.


In a Youtube video, a teen couple accused of killing a girl’s father makes jokes about the murder.

The New York Daily News stated that an adolescent couple took to YouTube to joke about killing someone while on the run, just days after the girl’s father was found dead in his garage in Las Vegas.

Sierra Halseth, 16, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero, videotaped themselves laughing, with Guerrero introducing the video with the words, “Welcome back to our Youtube channel, day three after murdering somebody.”

“Whoa!” Halseth exclaimed, giggling. Don’t say something like that in front of the camera.” Before kissing his partner on the forehead, Guerrero added, “It was worth it.” Prosecutors used the footage as evidence against them.

Daniel Halseth, Halseth’s father, was found stabbed and burned in the garage of his Las Vegas home. According to the New York Daily News, authorities suspect the couple stabbed Daniel multiple times before stuffing his body into a sleeping bag and setting it on fire.

According to jury recordings, officers accused the couple of attempting to dismember the body because blood was found on a circular saw Guerrero had purchased the day before, along with saw blades, bleach, lighter fluid, disposable gloves, and a dropcloth.

According to court filings, Halseth and Guerrero had been dating for around six months before their parents told them they couldn’t see each other anymore.

When Daniel’s family couldn’t reach him, suspicions developed, and text conversations recovered by KLAS showed Halseth’s grandmother inquiring why she couldn’t reach her son.

The youngster texted her grandmother, “His phone has been acting up, but he’s ok.” “Don’t worry, it should be fixed by tomorrow night :)”

The couple was caught in Salt Lake City a week later and charged with murder, murder conspiracy, arson, credit card fraud, and robbery.

While only 16, Halseth has been charged as an adult, and Guerrero could potentially face the death penalty in the state of Nevada. Their case will be reviewed by the district attorney next week, Guerrero’s attorney told KLAS.

Daniel’s family spoke to KLAS in a statement: “To have him taken from us in such a horrific, savage, senseless, and violent act of murder leaves us heartbroken, and our grief is unyielding. The total. This is a brief summary.


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