In a viral video, TikToker confronts a customer who allegedly told employees to “Speak English.”


In a viral video, TikToker confronts a customer who allegedly told employees to “Speak English.”

While dining at a Vietnamese restaurant, TikToker Whitney (@nitwhit ney) approached a fellow patron. The other customer allegedly “screamed” at the employees and demanded them to “speak English,” according to her. She videotaped the final moments of the altercation and published it on TikTok, where it has over 103,000 views. Whitney was hailed by commenters for protecting the restaurant employees.

The fight took place at Pho Saigon in Austin, Texas, according to the video’s text overlay.

An off-camera speaker, likely Whitney’s buddy, states the anonymous client was being “rude” at the start of the video.

“Yeah, because they still don’t f**king comprehend ‘to go,'” the client responds. As she says this, she makes a gesture toward the employees.

“I would have been gone but she said ‘to go’ and he didn’t get the order correct,” the customer adds as Whitney’s friend defends the employees. With a drink in her hand, she makes another motion toward the personnel.

When Whitney’s companion warns the woman that her gesticulating may cause her to spill her drink all over the place, the customer responds, “You know what, how about I spill it on you, b**ch.”

They fight until one of Whitney’s friends urges the client to “get the f**k out.”

The customer stares down her nose at the staff behind the counter and belittles her. When Whitney and her friend chastise her for it, the customer continues to berate the employees, who then deliver the food to her.

She finally takes her food and walks away.

Whitney said in the video’s comments section that the client was enraged because an employee asked her to repeat her order.

“At a VIETNAMESE restaurant, she came in asking for Miso Soup,” Whitney explained. Miso Soup is a traditional Japanese cuisine.

Whitney said, “When the waiter asked for a repeat, she went off on all the Asian workers…she was threatening the employees.” “She was yelling at them to’speak English,’ which they did admirably,” Whitney continued.

The alleged remarks were not caught on camera.

Whitney was contacted for additional comment by Washington Newsday, but she did not respond in time for publication.

“[r]estaurants and bars are still around,” according to Axios. This is a condensed version of the information.


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