In a viral video series, a woman uses her feather wing to nurse a butterfly back to health.


In a viral video series, a woman uses her feather wing to nurse a butterfly back to health.

While TikTok watched in real time, a woman promised to nurse a wounded butterfly back to health.

Dahlia discovered a butterfly on June 20 that would play a far larger role in her life than she had anticipated. Because the monarch butterfly’s wing was shattered, he was unable to fly.

Dahlia gave him the name Nemo-Bucky the Bionic Butterfly and presented him in her original video with a plainly broken wing. She told her over 400,000 viewers, “I’m going to take care of him.” The video can also be viewed in its entirety here.

She fed him watered-down honey to make reconstituted nectar in subsequent movies, but his wing just got worse.

She told The Dodo, “Day by day, more and more of his wing was breaking off, so I knew I had to improvise quickly.” Improvisation arrived in the form of a white feather she bought at a craft store.

She bonded the feather on with contact cement after learning the process from Youtube videos, and it was about the same size as his natural wings.

She said in a TikTok video, showing Nemo with a new white feather wing that moved in sync with his others, “I didn’t have access to a spare butterfly wing, so I fashioned one with a feather and glued it on.”

“He can fly for a short distance, but not very far. “Anything is better than nothing,” she added.

Nemo-Bucky the Bionic Butterfly is the full name of @flosferox. #butterflyrescue #prosthetic #bionicbutterfly Forest – Pink Hoodie

Later footage showed him flapping his wings before taking a brief flight, which Dahlia described as “one of his most effective flights.”

Viewers were able to witness as Nemo learned to fly using his wing over time. Dahlia believed she would be caring for the butterfly for the rest of his life at this point, but she was mistaken.

She sent her fans some good news regarding Nemo on July 6: he had flown out by himself. “He let me know he was ready two days ago,” she stated in a video.

“He flew higher and higher, sitting for a time in a tree, as if. This is a condensed version of the information.


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