In a viral video, an unvaccinated man refuses to leave a New York pizza restaurant.


In a viral video, an unvaccinated man refuses to leave a New York pizza restaurant.

After a staff wanted to check his evidence of vaccination, an unvaccinated guy recorded himself refusing to leave a prominent New York City pizza shop.

The man, who goes by the handle Ray Velez on social media, shared the footage on his Instagram profile, @savingsovereignty, on Tuesday.

In a post, he expressed his dissatisfaction with Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn, where he was refused service.

New York City began implementing restrictions this week requiring staff and customers to be vaccinated before entering restaurants, museums, gyms, and other places of amusement.

The video begins with a staffer asking to view the man’s vaccination card, which has since gone viral.

Anti-vaxxers in Brooklyn riot at a pizza parlor and refuse to leave

Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld 2) (@davenewworld 2) (@davenewworld 2) (@davenewworld 2) 15 September 2021

Velez is overheard stating, “So you’re going to enforce segregation because we just told you we’re religiously exempt?”

The staffer responds, “You told us you had your immunization card.”

“I never told you any of that,” says the narrator. That is something I would never say… We are not required to leave.”

Velez and a lady are seen arguing with other patrons in the restaurant later in the video.

“Is everyone in here okay with societal segregation, is everyone cool with that?” Velez inquires of the other patrons at the eatery.

“Oh, we don’t have our vaccine cards, therefore the kids aren’t allowed to eat?” We won’t be able to eat; are you comfortable with that? Is this the America you want to be a part of?”

Other patrons can be heard saying “yeah,” and one man can be seen pointing his finger towards Velez.

“No, fk you!” exclaims the speaker. Velez responds with a shout. “As you can see, you aren’t an American. That’s why, if you’re not an American, you should get the fk out of here.

“Get the f**k out of here!” exclaimed the narrator. This is America, and everyone is welcome to eat. Isn’t it true that everyone in America can eat? This isn’t the same as segregation. This is America, and you must awaken!”

On Velez’s Instagram account, the video received about 100,000 views before being uploaded on the Fifty Shades of Whey Twitter account, where it has received over 270,000 views.

The account tweeted, “These anti-vaxxers were last spotted getting denied by @julianaspizza in Brooklyn and refusing to leave.” “Thank you to everyone at Juliana’s for making this information available to the public. This is a condensed version of the information.


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