In a viral video, a woman claims that a Texas restaurant segregated black and white customers.


In a viral video, a woman claims that a Texas restaurant segregated black and white customers.

On TikTok, a video of a restaurant dining room that appears to be divided by race has gone popular. The video, which has been viewed over 185,000 times, has caused a heated argument in the comments area, with many people supporting the TikToker’s viewpoint and others accusing her of “overreaching.” Racism remains a pervasive issue in America, affecting nearly every business, including eateries. Recent findings, in particular, imply that the types of discriminatory seating practices depicted in the popular video are far from extinct. A former Vandelay Hospitality employee, for example, sued the company this summer, alleging “racist, sexist, and homophobic employment and customer service practices.” According to Restaurant Hospitality, Glenn Govias, a former general manager at Drake’s Hollywood in Dallas, non-white diners were screened and refused service under the guise of “dress-code breaches.” He further accused the company of racial profiling based on possible diners’ names, claiming that those without “white-sounding names” were turned away.

The TikTok video tweeted by @trinitycomedy was filmed in Texas, similar to the Vandelay lawsuit’s actions—however, the eatery remains anonymous.

“We were seated in a restaurant and quickly spotted something,” says the onscreen text at the start of the video.

The camera then travels across the restaurant’s dining area, capturing several groups of people at various tables. TikToker @trinitycomedy, who is Black, appears to be dining with other POC diners in one side of the eatery.

While this may not seem alarming on its own, things start to get peculiar when she zooms in on the opposite part, which is positioned at the opposite end of the dining room. There, it appears that all of the diners are white.

“Soooo all one color on one side and the rest in the wider area?” tweeted @trinitycomedy in the video’s caption, along with the hashtags #segregation and #amazing.

In the three days since it was posted, the controversial video has received nearly 8,000 likes and over 1,000 comments, indicating that it has piqued people’s interest. Many people expressed their support for the TikToker and even recounted similar situations. Others in the comments section, however, thought that the statement was a “stretch.” In an encouraging remark, @toptierash commented, “I understand exactly what you’re seeing.” This is a brief summary.


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