In a ‘Self-Destructive’ Court Appearance, a Capitol Rioter insists that ‘I Am Not a Person.’


In a ‘Self-Destructive’ Court Appearance, a Capitol Rioter insists that ‘I Am Not a Person.’

Following a bizarre and “self-destructive” court appearance on Friday, Capitol rioter Pauline Bauer was sentenced to remain in custody.

Bauer, who owns and operates a pizzeria in Pennsylvania, was in court to see if she could get out of jail before her trial if she agreed to the judge’s terms. U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, who was nominated by Donald Trump, had previously rejected her parole, citing concerns that she would not comply with the release conditions.

Bauer opened his remarks on Friday with terminology that Law & Crime described as evocative of the “sovereign citizen” movement. Adherents to that movement think they should not be bound by laws or judgements issued by judges, juries, police, or governments, and frequently say they are exempt from paying taxes. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the movement’s origins are “racist and antisemitic.”

Bauer began swapping Bible scriptures with McFadden after that, ending in her declaration that she is “not a person.”

“I am Pauline… a soul that is alive… Man was given sovereignty over the land…” Bauer remarked.

Judge McFadden reportedly said, “Romans 13 – Let everyone be submissive to the governing powers.”

Bauer responded, “I am not a person.” According to WRC-TV reporter Scott MacFarlane, she eventually claimed diplomatic immunity and claimed to be a “friend of the court.”

When offered one last chance to agree to the terms of a pre-trial release, Bauer instead responded, “Judgment day is coming for all of you who are earning money out of mankind.”

According to a tweet from Washington Post reporter Rachel Weiner, McFadden answered, “I’ll take that as a no.”

Bauer’s bizarre and harmful behavior was made even more perplexing by the fact that she is only facing minor charges, according to MacFarlane.

“It’s fairly evident we’re not going to get anywhere,” Bauer adds… Requests a hearing at the appeals court. Hearing is halted by the judge. Bauer never mentions the legal argument presented on her behalf by a court-appointed attorney. Bauer is sent back to prison.

September 24, 2021 — Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews)

The reporter wrote, “This has been a uniquely and deeply self-destructive episode.” “Bauer is facing low-level accusations and is unlikely to face much, if any, jail time. This is a condensed version of the information.


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