In a revenge plot, a woman orders a custom necklace for her unfaithful boyfriend.


Woman Orders Custom Necklace for Unfaithful Boyfriend in Revenge Plot.

When a woman found out that her partner had supposedly been unfaithful, she developed a plan of retaliation.

On Monday, jeweler @ceo.liv shared with her TikTok followers a unique custom order she’d received. According to the video, a customer of Liv’s recently found that her boyfriend had cheated on her with multiple women.

The customer wanted Liv to engrave a necklace with the couple’s anniversary date and the names of the ladies with whom he’d supposedly cheated as an anniversary gift.

The TikTok captioned, “would you do this,” has received more than three million views, and has commenters laughing in full support.

At the beginning of the video, Liv shows viewers the order notes she received through the online store. The notes read: “He cheated with 3 girls so here’s his anniversary gift (he doesn’t know I know yet).”

She goes on to say that the customer wants Liv to engrave their anniversary date β€” June 21, 2015 β€” on the front of the necklace and the names of the three ladies with whom he cheated on the back. Ashley, Genesis, and Karen are their names.

Liv then gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the engraving process, narrating where she is in the process as the machine adds the date and the names onto the necklace.

β€œShe’s going to give him the necklace in front of his family so that he can read it out loud,” Liv explains when she shows off the finished result.

The customer also ordered some jewelry for herself, including butterfly necklaces for “hot girl summer,” and a crystal bracelet that “takes away negativity in your life,” says Liv.

She says at the end of the video that she “can’t wait” to see how her partner reacts.

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Commenters were delighted by the customer’s order.


“Power move,” commented another. “Sheeesh in front of the family, too.”

One user, not lost on the fact that one of the women was named Karen, said: “I would go to JAIL if my bf of 6-7 years cheated on me with a damn Karen. I would go to jail regardless, but still.”

At the end of her video, Liv included a caption that read: “Like for pt. 2.”

The sheer volume of likes β€” more than 800,000 β€” along with the thousands of comments from hopeful TikTokers suggests the internet desperately wants a part two. But, with the anniversary date still five days away, users will have to be patient. As the infamous saying goes: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”


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