If Arizona plays the trump card, which states should Biden win?


President Donald Trump has narrowed the leadership of Democratic challenger Joe Biden in Arizona and given the Republican incumbent the hope that he can carry the state.

The Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona on election night for Biden, but CNN held off, saying it was too early to declare the race for the state.

On Thursday morning in Arizona, Biden led the race with about 70,000 votes, but the president lost his lead in the Republican stronghold when more votes were counted.

If Trump eventually gets the 11 votes of the Arizona electoral college, this could make Biden’s path to 270 votes more difficult.

Biden currently has 253 votes on the quorum, while Trump has 213 votes according to CNN’s count.

The only state that could give Biden all the votes from the Electoral College he needs to surpass the 270 votes from the Electoral College needed to win is Pennsylvania.

But the former vice president has other ways to win, even if he doesn’t win the 20 votes from his home state’s electoral college-although he would have to win at least two of the other states still in play to do so.

Biden has a narrow lead in Nevada, where an update on the results is expected Thursday at 12 noon ET.

If he manages to take Nevada, which has six votes in the electoral college, he would only need 11 more to reach the decisive 270 votes.

Meanwhile, the reliably republican state of Georgia has unexpectedly become a battlefield this year.

The race is extremely close in Georgia, where Trump currently has a lead of less than 20,000 votes. But some 50,000 votes remain to be counted, including ballots sent by mail from densely populated counties in the Atlanta subway region, which are democratically slim.

Should Biden succeed in turning Georgia around, the 16 votes from the state’s electoral college and the six votes from Nevada would bring him over the threshold to victory.

Other states still in play are North Carolina and Alaska, which have 15 and three votes on the electoral college. In both states Trumpf is in the lead.

On Wednesday, Biden said he was confident that he would emerge victorious when all the votes are counted.

Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly attacked the integrity of the Democratic process, and his campaign has filed lawsuits in several states, including the crucial battlefield of Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign has also said that it will request a recount in Wisconsin, which was requested for Biden.


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