‘I Cannot Believe We Just Saw’ That After A Navy Plane Crashes Into A Texas Neighborhood.


‘I Cannot Believe We Just Saw’ That After A Navy Plane Crashes Into A Texas Neighborhood.

During a training exercise on Sunday, a Navy jet crashed into a Texas neighborhood. Two pilots were able to evacuate from the plane and were transferred to hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the event happened about 11 a.m. local time in the Tejas Trails community in Lake Worth, Texas.

Authorities claim that no residents were hurt. However, debris from the crash severely damaged three homes, causing some families to evacuate.

Chastity Benne, a Facebook user, shared two videos on social media showing a cloud of smoke rising from the crash site.

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“I can’t believe we just witnessed a jet crash into the Lake Worth neighborhood!” Benne expressed herself in her blog article. “Please pray for not just the people who had to jump/were ejected from their deaths, but also for everyone in the house where it crashed!”

One of the plane’s ejected pilots landed in a nearby neighborhood, while the other’s parachute got entangled on power lines. According to officials, both were rushed to hospitals for treatment, with one in critical condition and the other in serious condition.

At this moment, the identity of the pilots have not been made public, however they were supposedly an instructor and a pupil.

The disaster is thought to have happened during a nearby training exercise, and the crashed plane was a jet used for training. According to ABC 13, the plane took out from Corpus Christi International Airport and was assigned to Training Wing 2 at the Naval Air Station near Kingsville, Texas.

The Tejas Trails community is close to the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. Due to its proximity to an area where jets take off and land, the military has even labeled the neighborhood as a probable accident zone.

The Navy Reserve has been contacted for comment by this publication.

The Chief of Naval Air Training organization confirmed various information regarding the event and the ship involved in a statement posted to Facebook.

“A Navy T-45C Goshawk was shot down today at 11:15 a.m. CDT. This is a condensed version of the information.


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