Hurricane Zeta hits the coast of Louisiana as a strong category 2 storm, New Orleans takes cover.


On Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Zeta triggered outbursts of fury on the southeast coast of Louisiana and landed as a severe Category 2 storm. Zeta’s wind was measured at 110 miles per hour when it landed at Port Fourchon, and now it is targeting a direct hit on New Orleans and then Biloxi, Mississippi.

The National Hurricane Center announced on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. that Zeta’s eye wall had finally reached land after traveling across the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and then through the swampy areas of southeastern Louisiana.

The southeastern part of the state lies deep and the storm surge, combined with rain, is expected to bring heavy flooding to the area. New Orleans is actually below sea level and is always prone to flooding during heavy rains and hurricanes.

By 5:30 pm CT on Wednesday, there were reports that at least 150,000 Entergy customers in southern Louisiana were without electricity.

Zeta is not expected to be one of the mythical giants that could devastate the city of New Orleans with a direct hit, but it is expected to cause damage to buildings and lead to street flooding.

The NHC said that hurricanes are expected from New Orleans to Dauphin Island in Alabama, which is located west of Mobile Bay. The NHC said the areas must expect “strong, damaging winds” that could cause tree damage and power outages in areas en route to Zeta.

Zeta is the 11th named storm to hit the United States this season, and it is the fifth named storm to hit Louisiana in this hurricane season, which officially ends on November 30.

The named storms hitting Louisiana this hurricane season are

Tropical Storm Cristobal – June 7
He landed in southeastern Louisiana and then traveled to the northeastern part of the state

Hurricane Laura – August 27
Cameron and Lake Charles hit as a devastating Cat 4 storm

Tropical Storm Marco – August 25
Downgraded to a tropical storm before landing in southeast Louisiana

Hurricane Delta – October 9
hit Jennings as a category 2 storm

Hurricane Zeta – October 28
hit Port Fourchon as a Category 2 storm and then moved to New Orleans

Zeta became the 27th named storm in the Atlantic basin this year, which is a record for the earliest 27th named storm ever. Although the hurricane season begins on June 1 each year, the Atlantic was active early on, with three named storms in May.

In 2020 there were so many storms that all alphabetically planned names were given, so the storms took on the letters of the Greek alphabet.

Louisiana has spent a total of three weeks in the bowling alley of various storms this season, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researcher.


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