Hundreds of honeybees discovered inside a washing machine by a woman


Hundreds of honeybees discovered inside a washing machine by a woman

A hive of hundreds of honeybees was discovered in a washing machine, where they’d been busily making “colossal” honeycomb pieces.

Erika Thompson, a professional beekeeper, broadcasts her bee eradication work on social media on a regular basis as part of her mission to “rescue the bees.”

Thompson, the founder and proprietor of Texas Beeworks in Austin, is frequently summoned to rescue hives that have taken up residence inside toilets, under sinks, on tennis courts, and even in the tree of singer Jason Derulo.

However, after it was posted last month, a video of a swarm of honeybees that had relocated into a washing machine fascinated viewers. You may watch the video here.

The video has been seen over 40 million times and has become so famous that others have started contributing their own parodies, which Thompson has shared on her Facebook page.

She captioned the video, “A washing machine full of bees!” as she described the tale surrounding the appliance being the bee’s home in the TikTok video and full-length version on YouTube.

“This washing machine had been converted as a compost bin… until bees chose to go in and create a hive there!” “I was contacted to offer these adorable bees a new home after the homeowner was injured after lifting the lid up a few days before,” she said.

The insects had been residing in the machine for about a year after the owner opted to “upcycle” it, according to Thompson.

“I cautiously raised the lid, and I found a beautiful hive full of honey and extremely friendly bees,” she said as she walked them through the delicate process. Inside, I discovered layer after layer of fresh honeycomb. I wanted to do everything I could to protect the hive that the bees had worked so hard to establish.

“So I started removing the hive’s outermost portions, which were covered in nectar and honey. Then I arrived at the hive’s heart, the brood nest. The queen lays her eggs here, and baby bees are born here. Everything I took out of the washing machine would be returned to the bees in their new hive.”

She described the honeycomb parts. This is a condensed version of the information.


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