Hundreds of Flip Off Trump’s motorcade on the way from the golf course to the White House.


President Donald Trump’s motorcade was stopped as it waded through hundreds of protesters in Washington, D.C., celebrating Joe Biden, who was declared the winner by major news agencies on Saturday. Many lined up to greet Trump with their middle finger after his return from golf.

Trump’s presidential motorcade, consisting of a dozen all-black SUVs and flashing police cars, drove past hundreds of critics who held up their middle fingers and shouted “goodbye” when he returned from golf. Boos echoed through the streets of Washington and other U.S. cities as CNN, Fox News and other major news networks officially declared Biden the winner on Saturday afternoon. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper noted that Trump was greeted by crowds upon his return from the golf course in Sterling, Virginia, who gave him the finger.

Trump critics lining the streets of the nation’s capital held up posters saying “You’re fired” and “No more Bulls**t” as the motorcade drove back to the White House.

Trump’s motorcade on its way back to the White House

– philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 7, 2020

At about the same time, Trump responded to the AP and other news agencies that demanded it for Biden by declaring: “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT! The tweet was labeled misleading by Twitter moderators, one of dozens that have been flagged as potentially false in recent days.

Signs reading “Joe Bye-Don” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” were swung by Biden supporters on the President’s motorcade. Wire photos of Getty and the AFP show Trump being pressed against the window of his SUV when protesters showed him thumbs down and middle finger gestures just a few feet away. Police and Secret Service agents from D.C. were posted on the way back from the golf course.

Several photos show a woman in Arlington approaching Trump’s motorcade and pressing her middle finger against the windshield.

” #LoserTrump watches the celebration of his defeat as he returns from his golf resort to the White House at taxpayers’ expense. Crowds of people are celebrating his defeat and dropping his motorcade,” noted Spanish politician and frequent Trump critic Alfons López Tena.

CNN, Fox News and other channels had not yet decided the election in Biden’s favor when Trump set off to play golf on Saturday morning. But when he returned to the White House, hundreds of critics of the president had gathered outside the house to celebrate. They sang, “Na nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye,” and shouted, “Lock him up.

A man from Washington, who was celebrating Biden’s presumed victory and was interviewed by the cable news channel, said that the president had “lost the referendum twice”.

“We know that the President was on the golf course this morning when the – or was on his way – when the call was made by CNN and then by other news organizations,” noted moderator Anderson Cooper.

Washington Newsday addressed the White House on Saturday night with additional remarks.


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