How many votes are left to count in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and other states?


As a number of states are too close to call two days after election day, it is estimated that more than one million votes are still being reported.

In Arizona, where President Donald Trump has begun eating away at Joe Biden at the head, more than 470,000 votes were still to be counted late Wednesday, the Republic of Arizona estimates.

The Associated Press states that Biden is currently leading the poll with 88 percent of the reported votes, with 69,000 votes. However, his lead over the approximately 90,000 votes on Wednesday had been reduced.

A number of news agencies have already called Arizona Bidens, which gives him a significant step toward the 270 votes he needs to win the election.

In Nevada, another important state where Biden is expected to win the election, officials said they will not release more vote numbers until Thursday at noon Eastern time.

Currently, according to the AP, Biden is ahead of Trump with 8,000 votes, or 0.6 percent, with 25 percent of the vote still to be reported.

Since about 1.2 million votes have already been cast in Nevada, an estimated 300,000 votes remain to be declared.

According to the Fox News Decision Desk and The Guardian, Biden currently holds 264 votes, which means he will secure his presidential victory if he can maintain his leadership in Nevada based on their projections.

In Georgia, where Trump has a narrow 0.4 percent lead between him and Biden with less than 20,000 votes, there are still some 50,000 to 60,000 votes to be counted, according to Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger. He had previously warned that the vote in Georgia could continue until Thursday morning.

“It is important to act quickly, but it is more important to do it right,” Raffensperger said.

By Thursday morning, up to 98 percent of all votes had been counted in Georgia,” Raffensperger said.

In North Carolina, 116,000 votes may still need to be counted, although officials are warning that they cannot declare a winner for several days in the state that has 15 votes.

“With very few exceptions, North Carolina’s election results will not change until November 12 or 13, when all postal ballots in each county have been received and counted,” Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director of the State Election Commission, told WSOCTV.

Trump currently leads North Carolina with nearly 80,000 votes, giving him a 50.1 percent to 48.7 percent lead over Biden.

Another state is unlikely to be declared the winner soon, according to the Pennsylvania State Department, where more than 760,000 ballots were counted Thursday morning.

Trump had a huge lead of at least 700,000 votes over Biden at one point on election day, although Biden has reduced that to less than 170,000 by Thursday, as the ballots continue to be counted and 11 percent remain to be reported.

Updated on 5.11.20, 9:05 ET. This article has been updated with the latest figures on the votes still to be counted.


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