How many more votes need to be counted in Arizona? Results of the elections in Maricopa County.


Arizona’s election workers still have more than 280,000 ballots to count in the important swing state, with the gap between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden narrowing as more votes were counted on Thursday night.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said that about 285,000 votes still needed to be counted in the state late in the evening. Most unchecked ballots were reportedly filed in Maricopa County.

CNN reported that on Thursday night, over 225,000 postal ballots, provisional ballots and early ballots had not yet been counted in the district, while another 46,000 still had to be counted in Pima County.

“Thanks to all the election workers across the state who are doing everything they can to ensure that every eligible vote counts,” tweeted and quoted an article from NBC News’ Meet the Press, which reported the estimate of 285,000 uncounted ballots.

The local newspaper The Arizona Republic also estimated that there were about 300,000 votes to be counted in the state, the vast majority of which were in the highly watched Maricopa County.

At approximately 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, the Phoenix county published data on approximately 74,000 previously uncounted ballots. Fifty-seven percent of the votes were cast for Trump, while 42 percent of the ballots, about 31,700, were cast for his democratic rival.

The latest count widened the gap between Trump and Biden in the state and provided the all-important 11 votes of the electoral college, as a handful of other battlegrounds hung in the balance three days after election day.

At the time of writing, Biden is leading Trump with 2.6 points and just over 47,000 votes in Arizona, with 90 percent of the estimated votes counted, according to NEP/Edison Research data.

In the key counties of Maricopa and Pima, Biden leads with 3.4 and 19.9 percentage points, respectively, with about 90 percent of the county votes counted. President Trump is so far ahead in 10 of Arizona’s 14 wards.

Fox News and The Associated Press have both proactively called for Biden State, as a significant number of ballots have not yet been counted. Other broadcasters and news agencies have so far held back from calling the state for either Trump or the former vice president.

On a national level, Edison Research data shows that Biden received 253 votes from the electoral college, compared to 214 votes from the Commander-in-Chief, putting the ex-vice president within 17 votes from the electoral college to secure the White House.


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