How many more votes can be counted in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona


With millions of Americans awaiting the final result of the 2020 presidential election, four major states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada – are likely to decide the election in the coming days. Although it is unclear when exactly these states will be officially counted, thousands of ballots remain, and former Vice President Joe Biden is currently leading in states that could bring him a total of 306 votes.


This morning Biden overtook the leadership of President Donald Trump in Georgia with more than 98 percent of the reports. At a press conference on Friday morning, election manager Gabriel Sterling reported that just over 4,000 ballots remain to be counted in the state, of which about 3,500 came from democratic Gwinnett County. In Cobb County, another Democratic district, 75 ballots remain – while in Republican-led Floyd County and Cherokee County, 444 and 150 ballots remain, respectively.

Although the military and foreign ballots received have already been counted, the Secretary of State for the State Department reported that about 8,900 applications have not yet been returned. These ballots must be received by Friday and stamped by election day for them to be processed, while the typical absentee ballots had to be received by 7 p.m. on election day. Over 17,000 foreign ballots have already been processed and counted.

The Atlanta Journal-Courier reported that there were about 5,500 provisional ballots in Democratic Fulton County and Dekalb County alone, and it is still not known how many provisional ballots exist nationwide. It is not known how many of these ballots will be accepted, and those that are accepted must be made available to district election officials by the end of the day on Friday.

According to the Foreign Minister, there were about 2,000 rejected postal ballots nationwide, and voters have until Friday to “cure” and correct their ballots, which caused the initial rejection.


Biden currently has a narrow lead of just over 13,000 votes in Pennsylvania, but that lead has steadily increased over the course of the day as the state counts the votes of the absentees. An estimated 124,000 absentee ballots remain to be counted nationwide, and the Pennsylvania State Department reports up to 100,000 provisional ballots.

The election commissioner in Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold, reported this morning that the remaining 40,000 ballots must either be verified or are provisional or military and overseas ballots.

According to the New York Times, the absentee ballots have so far largely favored Biden, with margins ranging from 76 percent to 23 percent. Trump and other Republicans have, however, challenged the postal votes in Pennsylvania, and the president has repeatedly threatened to take legal action in the U.S. Supreme Court because the state is able to accept postal ballots three days after election day. The ruling was upheld by Pennsylvania’s highest court last month.


Arizona Secretary of State Kate Hobbs told ABC News this afternoon that 240,000 ballots remain to be counted nationwide. As of this afternoon, Biden is currently leading with over 41,000 votes or 1.3 percentage points.

Of the remaining ballots, 137,000 will come from the Democratic stronghold of Maricopa County, where the city of Phoenix is located. In addition, there are currently about 18,000 provisional ballots in this county alone, reports the Republic of Arizona. Hobbs told George Stephanopoulos of ABC on Friday that Maricopa County expects the count to continue through the weekend.

According to the Times, Arizona is the only state in the state where late postal votes have voted for Trump. Democrats rushed to submit their postal ballots early, while Republicans who opted for a postal vote did so closer to the election. Trump would have to win the remaining ballots by 20 percentage points to win the state.

Hobbs mentioned that it is highly unlikely that a recount would be issued for the state if the race were to become even tighter, as is now likely for a state like Georgia. The recount margin in Arizona is 200 votes, or one tenth of one percent of the votes cast for a given race.

As Trump continues to promote groundless allegations of election fraud in the disputed states, Hobbs says she is not concerned about complaints from the president’s campaign. This she told Stephanopoulos: “There are no un


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