How California’s Mask Law Will Change When It Reopens on June 15


How California’s Mask Law Will Change When It Reopens on June 15

On Wednesday, more information about how California’s mask rules may be changed when the state reopens on June 15 was released.

Fully vaccinated adults will not be needed to wear a mask indoors, such as at grocery shops, restaurants, bars, and gyms, or outdoors, unless it is mandated by a local health agency or company, according to California’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly.

According to NBC Bay Area in California, “Fully vaccinated persons can resume everyday activities without wearing a mask, save in a few limited circumstances that are needed by federal and state rules,” Ghaly said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Those who have not been vaccinated must still wear a mask indoors or when attending large outdoor events like concerts or sporting events.

After June 15th, where masks will still be needed

According to ABC7 in California, there are a few exceptions where masks will still be required for everyone (regardless of vaccination status):

Public transportation is available (including buses, trains, airports) Hospitals are a type of healthcare facility. At schools, indoors (K-12) Childcare facilities Facilities for long-term care (such as assisted living and nursing homes) Prisons are places where people are held captive. Shelters for the homeless How will the rules be enforced?

According to NBC Bay Area, Ghaly said the latest rules will be implemented on an honor system, since most businesses will not be required to confirm a customer’s vaccination status before they’re allowed to enter a venue without wearing a mask.

However, certain large indoor events will be required to verify all guests are either vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19.

Ghaly explained: “Business owners will need to post requirements that people who are unvaccinated are still required to wear masks.

“But if somebody comes into their business or their operation without a mask, it should be considered a self-attestation for someone being vaccinated,” he said.

At least through October 1, indoor events hosting 5,000 or more people will be required to verify that all guests have been fully vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of the event, NBC Bay Area reported Wednesday.

What’s still to be determined

It is unknown how the current mask rules approved for indoor workplaces, which allows employees to forgo wearing masks if every worker in the room has been. This is a brief summary.


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