How a rejected ballot can be solved in Georgia.


Georgia is one of the few remaining states to be called in the 2020 elections, and residents will have the opportunity to “heal” or dissolve their rejected ballot so that it can be counted correctly.

For Georgians who have submitted their ballot papers in their absence, by mail or by mailbox, there is a possibility that the ballot paper was rejected at the registry office of the respective county.

The ballot papers could be rejected for various reasons, e.g. a problem with the voter’s name or a signature in the wrong place. According to the Georgia State Web site, “one of the most common reasons for rejecting a ballot for absentees is that it was not properly signed.

The state website states: “If your ballot is rejected, your district elections office will contact you with a document to ‘heal’ or correct your ballot envelope.

The first step that Georgians should take is to check if your ballot has been rejected, which they can do on Georgia’s My Voter website.

If a resident sees on this website that his or her ballot is listed as rejected, he or she must present a valid voter’s card and a sworn statement confirming that the ballot was actually submitted by him or her.

According to, residents must e-mail, fax or personally submit to their county registrar’s office one of the following documents: a state driver’s license; a valid government, military or tribal photo ID or utility bill; a bank statement, paycheck or government document showing the voter’s name and current address.

The Georgia Democratic Web site also states: “If the county has notified you that the signature on your ballot does not match or is missing, submit a signed copy of this form in which you swear that you are eligible to vote and may vote by mail.

Georgians must submit this information in order to correct their rejected vote by 5 p.m. local time on Friday, November 6.

On Thursday, Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger issued a statement saying that at 2:40 p.m. local time, “there are approximately 47,277 ballots outstanding.

According to the Associated Press, President Donald Trump currently leads the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Georgia with 0.8 points. Trump currently leads with about 9,525 votes, and the state has 99 percent of the reported votes.

In addition to Georgia, 17 other states offer residents the opportunity to cure their ballots in the event of rejection, including Arizona, which only Fox News and the AP called a Biden victory. Arizona voters have until five days after the election to correct their ballots.

Washington Newsday contacted the Georgia Secretary of State’s office for comment, but did not receive a timely response for publication.


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