‘House of Murder’ was scrawled on the walls of several Seattle churches.


‘House of Murder’ was scrawled on the walls of several Seattle churches.

Three churches in Seattle have been destroyed in recent months, with spray painted graffiti implying that the vandalism was motivated by the discovery of mass graves at Catholic Church-run residential schools that held Indigenous children this summer.

Similar acts of vandalism were perpetrated against the three sites of worship, the first of which occurred in July at Saint James Cathedral, shortly after hundreds of unmarked graves were discovered at the Marieval Indian Residential School and St. Eugene’s Mission School for Indigenous children.

In August, vandals targeted Saint Edward Church on the night of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is now a government holiday recognizing Native American history and falls on the same day as Columbus Day.

According to KING-TV, church windows were shattered, and messages such as “they were children,” “taken children,” and “home of murder” were spray painted on the premises.

Following the discovery of indigenous children’s bones in Canada linked to boarding schools run by Christian churches between the 1800s and 1990s, indigenous advocates have demanded a formal apology from the Catholic Church and Pope.

In a statement to King5, the Archdiocese of Seattle said, “While we are pained by these acts, our focus remains on the healing of our brothers and sisters who carry the grief of the past.” “We continue to pray for our Native American brothers and sisters to find healing.” We’ve reached out to the Seattle Police Department for comment.

On Indigenous Peoples Day, a church in Los Angeles was also vandalized.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating after red paint was thrown at St. Peter’s Italian Catholic Church on Monday morning.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Joe Buscaino issued a statement on Facebook condemning the violence and appealing for togetherness.

“I am disturbed by the vandalism that occurred today near downtown Los Angeles at St. Peter’s Italian Catholic Church. “I am hoping that those responsible for these heinous assaults against a precious house of worship will be apprehended and convicted,” Buscaino added.

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“Today [October 11] is the first time a US president has declared Indigenous Peoples’ Day. As. This is a condensed version of the information.


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