Gunfire was heard on video inside a mall in Boise, where two people were killed in a mass shooting.


Gunfire was heard on video inside a mall in Boise, where two people were killed in a mass shooting.

A video from a shooting in a retail center in Boise, Idaho, can be heard with gunshots. The shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall on Monday killed two people and injured five others, including the gunman and a police officer, according to authorities.

At about 1.50 p.m., officers responded to the mall on N. Milwaukee after receiving a report of shots fired, according to Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee.

Officers came and saw someone who matched the suspect’s description, so they exchanged shots. “Shortly after, there was an exchange of gunfire, resulting in the officer’s wounded and the suspect’s arrest,” Lee said.

In a video that was first published on Snapchat and then later shared on Twitter, many gunfire could be heard inside the mall. In the mall’s parking lot, the video also showed patrol cars from several agencies, ambulances, and fire trucks.

October 25, 2021 — Garrick (@8ntmuch)

According to KTVB, witnesses stated they heard up to a dozen gunshots inside the mall.

Cheryl Frey, who was shopping at the mall at the time, told the station, “I was getting about to check out when we hear four or five bullets.”

“We quickly fell to the ground. The cashier then fell to the ground alongside us and began crawling away. Then we heard four or five more shots, and [the cashier]said, “Come with me,” and she took us to one of their coded closets.” The suspect was in critical condition, according to a news release issued Monday evening, while the officer who was hurt had been treated and released. Investigators think there was only one shooter, and there is no ongoing threat to the public, according to police. There was no more information about the victims or the suspect released by the authorities.

“At this moment, we really can’t speak to any motivations or anything else that would effect the investigation,” Lee added. “I cannot overstate how painful this act is for the entire community, as well as for those who were witnesses, or who are the families of those engaged, or who were involved themselves.” At. This is a condensed version of the information.


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