Glenn Beck Refuses to Apologize for Calling Barack Obama a Racist: ‘I was completely correct!’


Glenn Beck Refuses to Apologize for Calling Barack Obama a Racist: ‘I was completely correct!’

Glenn Beck, a conservative commentator, has retracted his apology for labeling former President Barack Obama a “racist” 12 years ago.

During a program of Fox & Friends in 2009, Beck, who currently anchors the Glenn Beck Program on the conservative radio station TheBlaze, dubbed the then-president “a racist.”

“This president, I believe, has repeatedly exposed himself as a man with a deep-seated contempt for white people and white civilization… In 2009, Beck declared, “I believe this person is a racist.”

In the years afterwards, Beck has expressed regret for his words, telling The New Yorker in November 2016 that “Obama made me a better guy […] There are things unique to the African American experience that I cannot identify to.” I had no choice but to pay attention to them.”

Later that month, in an interview with The New York Times Magazine titled “Glenn Beck Is Sorry On Everything,” he remarked of his remarks about Obama, “I know I wouldn’t believe me if I heard myself apologizing, so I’m telling you now: Don’t take my word for it.”

“Pay attention to what I’m doing. I don’t give a damn what you think of me. All I want to say is, “Please don’t make the same mistake I did.”

During a Wednesday evening interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Beck chastised Obama for recent remarks he made to CNN regarding right-wing media outlets “stoking the fear and hatred” of white people.

“I retract my apology. I was completely correct, and I even said it correctly. You are a racist if you believe in critical race theory,” Beck said.

“If you think that what Dr. Martin Luther King said, that he envisions a country that is seeing people for the content of their character and not their color, if you if think that’s wrong, then yes, you are a racist.”

Critical race theory is an academic field that analyzes race and racism as social dynamics throughout history and challenges mainstream approaches to racial justice, according to certain academics.

Several Republican figures, including former President Donald Trump, have criticized the field of study and attempted to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools. This is a brief summary.


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