Georgia could fall back to 1,000 votes, according to the deputy foreign minister: ‘Things are really getting tight’.


Georgia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Jordan Fuchs said that the results of the presidential elections in her state could drop to 1,000 votes.

Although President Donald Trump took the lead in the Southern state early on, he has chosen Republican presidential candidates in all elections since 1996. However, as more postal votes were counted-especially in urban areas with a higher percentage of Democratic voters-the President’s lead narrowed dramatically, giving hope to supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that he could take the lead and turn Georgia around.

“It’s really getting close,” Fuchs told the Associated Press on Thursday morning. When all the ballots are counted, “there is a good chance that it will literally be between 1,000 votes,” she said.

Georgia’s Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, also highlighted the close relationship between the presidential contest on Thursday. However, Raffensperger assured that all ballots would be counted properly and safely.

“Officials in many districts continue to count the ballots, with strict security protocols in place to protect the integrity of our election. We have long expected – and said publicly – that the counting would most likely take until Wednesday night and perhaps Thursday morning,” Raffensperger said in a public statement. “We are on track to achieve this responsibly by ensuring that the voice of every eligible voter is heard. It is important to act quickly, but even more important is to do it right”.

Raffensperger said that at 9.15 a.m. about 61,000 votes still had to be counted. Currently Trump Biden is leading with less than 14,000 votes. Some analysts have hinted that if current trends continue, this could give the Democratic candidate a narrow lead over the incumbent president.

Washington Newsday asked Trump and Biden for comments on the campaigns, but they did not respond by the time of publication.

The Trump campaign and the Georgia GOP filed a lawsuit that was dismissed by the Chatham County Supreme Court on Thursday to challenge the vote count in the Savannah area. Two Republican election observers testified in the case and raised concerns about a pile of 53 ballots, indicating that they had come in after the deadline. They offered no evidence to support their claims, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“I deny the motion and reject the petition,” said Judge James F. Bass.

“The claims are unfounded,” attorney Bob Bauer, a Biden campaign lawyer, told reporters Thursday. Bauer called the suit “silliness. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in several major swing states that are expected to decide the presidential battle.


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