George P. Bush Explains Why He Supports Donald Trump: ‘I’m My Own Man,’ says the narrator.


George P. Bush Explains Why He Supports Donald Trump: ‘I’m My Own Man,’ says the narrator.

On Wednesday, Texas Attorney General Candidate George P. Bush defended his support for former President Donald Trump, saying that his family members have “differences of opinion” on the subject.

Bush said he supports Trump and that the Republican Party needs to “carry on that history” of America First politics if it wants to keep winning elections in an interview with Fox News Primetime.

Trump is still “the center” of the Republican Party, according to polls, and many people believe he might be returned as commander-in-chief, he added.

“When you look at my policies, I’m all about America First,” Bush told Fox News. Trump is the Republican Party’s epicenter.

“I’m my own guy, and I support him, and we need to carry on his legacy, to capture the lightning that he brought to the Republican Party, so that we can aid all of our fellow Republicans down the ballot.”

“I think we’re just like any American family, where we have differences of opinion, whether it’s with respect to President Trump, whether it’s with respect to hot button issues,” the Texas Republican said when asked if his views put him at odds with others in his family.

Washington Newsday has reached out to George P. Bush’s campaign for more information.

On Wednesday of last week, the Texas Land Commissioner declared his candidacy for Attorney General. He is the son of Jeb Bush, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate who was regularly attacked by Trump.

If he succeeds, he will succeed scandal-plagued Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Bush’s support for Trump drew ire from some once he announced his candidacy, with one ex-aide to former President George W. Bush calling it a “very sad tale” and accusing him of “abandoning” his family.

During the 2016 presidential campaign and while in office, Trump constantly chastised the Bush family. He once said he had usurped the Bush clan in 2018, and repeatedly called Jeb Bush “low energy” during the 2016 primaries.

“President Trump was absolutely right when he said, ‘drain the swamp,’ does anyone remember that? Because we have way too much corruption in Washington, D.C.,” George P. Bush told. This is a brief summary.


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