Former Trump official believes Trump will lose the presidential election in 2024 and proposes eight other candidates.


Former Trump official believes Trump will lose the presidential election in 2024 and proposes eight other candidates.

Despite his capacity to turn out voters, Alyssa Farah, who worked in numerous communication jobs during Donald Trump’s presidency, does not see him as a credible presidential candidate in 2024.

Since leaving the White House, Trump has floated the idea of returning to the presidential campaign trail, though he is unlikely to make a formal declaration until after the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans appear to be backing Trump as the candidate if he decides to run, as he leads polls of GOP voters and has an incredible ability to raise money.

Farah, on the other hand, does not believe Republicans will be able to defeat Democrats in 2024 in this manner. While Trump’s followers remain devoted to him, Farah stated on Twitter that she is “bullish he’ll lose a general again.” In an op-ed for RealClearPolitics, Farah claimed that Republicans should not support Trump’s candidacy simply because he is Trump, and that he must “earn it.” Farah said Republicans should not support Trump because “losing isn’t earning it,” just as they didn’t back Senator Mitt Romney in 2016 after his lost presidential attempt in 2012 or Senator John McCain in 2012 after his 2008 loss. According to Trump, supporters will be “extremely happy” with his decision on the 2024 election, and the only thing that would prevent him from running would be if it went against a doctor’s advise.

Despite the fact that he has not declared his candidacy, Trump consistently polls as the preferred Republican candidate, receiving much more support than any other candidate. Some Republicans, on the other hand, are concerned that the former president’s frequent rehash of the 2020 presidential election may hinder Republican turnout.

Farah argued that instead of putting Trump on the Republican ticket in 2024, the GOP should consider Senator Tim Scott, whom she described as the “face of the party’s better angels.” Former Vice President Mike Pence or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were also mentioned by Farah.

DeSantis, a strong admirer of the former president, has stated that he is focused on re-election to the governorship of Florida. However, surveys show that if Trump isn’t running for president in 2024, he could get Republican support.

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