Former Senator Mike Enzi is injured in a bike accident and suffers a broken neck and ribs.


Former Senator Mike Enzi is injured in a bike accident and suffers a broken neck and ribs.

Former Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, who retired just over six months ago, has been hospitalized after a bicycling accident near his house this weekend, apparently resulting in a broken neck and many broken ribs. For the time being, the degree of his neck injury, or the amount of that harm, is unknown.

Enzi, 77, was discovered laying in the street by a pedestrian at the same time his Apple Watch sent out a distress signal for a hard fall.

When first responders arrived in Gillette, Wyoming, they discovered the former senator was unresponsive. According to the family, he was transferred to a local hospital and stabilized before being airlifted to a hospital in Loveland, Colorado.

According to the Associated Press, police in Gillette have not spoken to any witnesses who witnessed the crash. The police department is still looking into whether it was a single-bike accident or if it was due to circumstances beyond his control.

Enzi’s status at the UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies is unknown for the time being, since hospital officials and his family have yet to provide specifics.

His long political career began when he was elected mayor of Gillette, then as a state representative, and finally as a four-term U.S. Senator. He stepped down in January 2021 after Cynthia Lummis was chosen to replace him in November 2020.

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the United States Senate, released a statement saying that members of both parties are “praying for his health” and the entire family.

“I know that members on both parties are thinking about Mike right now. We’re praying for his health, as well as the Enzi family as a whole,” McConnell said.

Enzi died in a bicycle accident just one day after New York Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp died in a biking accident in California the previous weekend. After his accident, Knapp remained in critical condition for five days.

The degree and position of a fractured neck, as recorded in Enzi’s accident, might vary, as can how soon medical workers can care to the patient.

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